10 Terrible Relationship Tattoo Ideas

Top 10 Relationship Tattoos

Relationship tattoos can be cute but they’re typically also a horrible idea. Someone once told me that even if they knew it was going to be forever it would still be a “no”. Relationship tattoos are almost always a precursor to breaking up! Chances are you’ve met someone that’s made a mistake just like that. Here’s our list of major relationship tattoo no-nos!

Avoid Names at all Costs!

Names are one of the worst. They’re common, uninventive and say nothing about the other person. If the only thing you can think of to remind you of the other person is their name, then you don’t know them very well and should probably not be getting their name tattooed.

The Uninventive and Cliche Heart

Hearts are almost as bad, and often come with, names. They’re also uninventive and cliché. Unless you’re talking about an anatomical heart or some sort of cool Gothic design because you genuinely like the design. Stay away from the hearts/banners combo. It’s not 1974 anymore. Half a heart on each of you is just as bad!

Wedding Bands

Unless you’re getting this because you can’t wear a wedding ring at work then a band is usually a terrible tattoo. Most finger tattoos heal poorly and often the sides fall out. If your tattoo is supposed to reflect the quality of your love for each other then this seems like grounds for divorce. Ring tattoos often end up as just a blurry, greyish band. While it will serve the purpose of a wedding ring it’s hardly going to impress your other half.

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Portraits are a gray area because they can look amazing! The only thing is that your partner has to look at you as well and it can be really disconcerting to have to look at your own face staring back. Not every portrait is a bad idea. Some end up being a beautiful reminder of the person when you’re not physically together. It’s just a little creepy sometimes, and just imagine if the portrait goes wrong!

The Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is the new nautical star. It seems like every third tattoo posted is an infinity symbol of some sort. While having your names in it, or your dates, or a heart, etc can make it a little less generic this tattoo doesn’t really say much about your feelings for each other.

King/Queen Relationship Tattoos

Google relationship tattoos and this will come up every second or third picture. It was interesting when it first showed up. But now it’s just another generic tattoo that everyone has. If you want to have the same tattoo (with plenty of options as to who your King or Queen could be!) then go ahead. But between the crowns, playing card marks and the words themselves, there’s a good chance you already know someone with this tattoo.

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Lip Prints should have disappeared into the 80s, but sadly they’re still going strong. Looking like your other half has just smooched on you is as kitsch as it sounds. That’s the best you’ve got to remind you of your partner? Was it a one night stand? At least finger prints are unique, lips are likely just to look like any other set out there.

Puzzle Pieces

Most people think of puzzle pieces for autism, and having it usurped as a “cute” relationship tattoo is rather unfortunate. There are loads of rather uninventive puzzle piece tattoos out there. While the idea of your soulmate being the missing piece is nice, it’s hard to tell if it’s an autism awareness tattoo or not.


It was adorable when it first came out but like the King/Queen idea, it’s tired and done. There are some pretty terrible looking ones out there but they all have the same romanticised filigree and skeleton key look that seems like it came off a single Pinterest post. You know, so your relationship can be unique, just like everyone else with the same tattoo design.

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Unless you’re putting your wedding date on there why would you celebrate an anniversary with someone who hasn’t yet decided that you’re permanent? Saying I do is a nice public commitment that isn’t visible on your skin forever if it doesn’t work, and if they don’t want to marry you then why are you getting the day you met or their birthday or any other date?

Have you made any of these relationship tattoo mistakes? Or do you have an original idea you can’t keep to yourself? Let us know!

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