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A Ghetto Tattoo For Everyone

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ghetto tattoosGhetto tattoos like urban or gangsta tattoos became more popular with the rise of hip hop music especially during the late 1990s.  Hip Hop artists were heavily drawn with gangsta and ghetto tattoo images, inspired or in some cases even gained in prison.  Their audience once exposed to these tattoos embraced them and made them their own.  While some of the prison symbolism remains much has been elaborated on by those seeking a unique style with this fascinating tattooing trend.

There’s a term for a lifestyle in which there is both frequent luxury and depravation.  It’s called Ghetto Fabulous to look wealthy even while perhaps wishing for something to eat.  In a struggling economy it’s something more and more people understand. Getting a ghetto tattoo is slightly different then choosing an urban or gangsta tattoo in that the stylization and symbolism is usually a bit different.

Popular ghetto tattoos are often lettering or images having to do with money. Show me the money tattoos are a good example these are usually shown incorporated with dollar signs.  The color associated with this tattoo is of course green.

Gold links are good tattoo to have especially if you can’t afford the real item.  A linked chain around the wrist, ankle or neck makes perfect fashion sense.

Prison tattoos can have meaning if you actually served time, otherwise you might be better off getting tattoos that do have something to do with your own life and history.

Getting a diamond tattoo can be a lot easier then getting or managing to keep track of the real McCoy. A coffee cup full of diamonds, or a fingernail dipped in gold dust can have sexy meaning as well as reference to material goodness.

Materialism isn’t all there is to ghetto tattoos through.  Fallen brothers and sisters are commentated with the R.I.P. tattoo which usually features a lettering of the three letters plus the name of the deceased and the date of birth and death.

Another good idea for a ghetto tattoo is favorite song lyrics.  These can be lettered or scripted.

There are certain phrases and slogans that are often used with Ghetto tattoo images such as ‘Da Bomb’, ‘Bootylicious’, ‘Old school’, ‘Do or die’, ‘down low’,  and ‘in the hood’. Ghetto tattoos can be placed on many locations depending on the type of tattoo in question.  The only problem might be is that with their distinct look they might not easily lend themselves to being incorporated with other tattoos you either have or will get in the future.

One of the most popular ghetto tattoo images is one designed to honor the wearer’s mother.  Frequently this means a portrait tattoo of the mother’s face. There is often a rose added either at the bottom of a picture or under the name.

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