Author: Debi Sanders

Tattoo Healing Process
Tattoo FAQs

The Stages of Healing a Tattoo

Did you know that your tattoo starts to heal the moment the needle leaves the skin? Your body is an efficient machine and it can heal almost anything with it's own processes. Your skin goes through se…

Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopard Print Tattoos

One a 90s girl fad, putting leopard spots on your skin is back in fashion. There's very little info on why this marking became so popular, but the fact that the marks are small and abstract in their o…

7 Crazy Tattoo Laws

7 Crazy Tattoo Laws You Never Knew

While we live in the western world we take certain freedoms for granted. Like being able to get tattooed, or to simply walk into a tattoo parlor. While it's a given that some regulations are obvious (…