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Benefits of Henna Tattoo Designs

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henna tattoos on the handsBenefits of Henna Tattoo Designs

The benefits of a henna tattoo are that they are not permanent and cost much less than a real tattoo. Henna tattoos are a great way to see if you like a certain tattoo or if a tattoo design that you have been looking at will even look good on you. More and more people are getting Henna tattoos and the fact that they last up to six weeks, makes them a great choice for a tattoo that is not permanent.

Henna tattoos are not only good looking but they cost much less than real tattoos. Many good tattoo artists charge up to $100 per hour for their services. So if you have a very big and intricate tattoo, you can be sure to spend lots of time and money on it, in multiple tattooing sessions. Some tattoo artists even charge a few hundred dollars for just designing a unique tattoo and placing it on your body, but this is not required as most tattoo shops charge by the design or for their time. One thing that is attractive to henna tattoos is that they can be applied to the body much faster and only cost around $20 for a design that is just as intricate as some of the most expensive tattoos.

Besides the cost effectiveness of henna tattoos, these are a great place to start if you are unsure what tattoo you want to get. There are many henna tattoo designs to choose from, as they are not too hard to create. You can place a henna tattoo on your body in any place you like to see how well you like the tattoo and if you really like the placement and design of that henna tattoo, then you can take the next step and have it placed there permanently.

lower back henna tattoo designsHenna tattoos are a great way to go for those who are unsure what tattoo design to get, where to get it and how big to get their tattoo. Having a henna tattoo design placed on your body, it will last a few weeks which should be enough time for you to make a solid decision.

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  1. Sarah Says:
    December 4th, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Let’s hear it for henna tattoos – just as beautiful and you can’t get sick of them 10 years down the line!!

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