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Best Wrist Tattoos To Get

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cool wristband tattooBest Wrist Tattoos To Get

If you decide to get a wrist tattoo you need to know that your wrist has very little fat on it, which means getting a tattoo there will hurt more. Since the skin is thin and the bones are less protected by fat, having a tattoo needle injecting ink in your wrist will bring on more pain than if you had a tattoo on your shoulder. Your tattoo artist will also have to watch out for the many veins that run through your wrist. Getting a wrist tattoo might be more of a risk that you would want to take. Obviously people get wrist tattoos all of the time, but you have to know that there is more of a risk than normal if you choose to get a tattoo there.

Smaller wrist tattoos might lower your risk of damaging the veins, but then again you might not like your tattoo if it has to be less detailed because of the size. The wrist is a great place to put any form of tribal art, butterflies, crosses or just a plain band around the wrist. If you want a wrist tattoo, you can always add names, or words such as Hope, Faith, Honesty or any other word that describes who you are.

Larger wrist tattoos could be creative such as stitches holding your arm and wrist together. If your wrist tattoo becomes too large then you would be getting into having what’s called a ‘half-sleeve’ tattoo. A half-sleeve might not be what you are looking for if you want your wrist tattoo to be simple. The nicest looking wrist tattoos are wristbands or bracelets. These styles can be anything you choose, but many people tend to go with the tribal art form for their wristband tattoo.

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