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Broken Heart Tattoo Designs

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broken heart tattoo designBroken Heart Tattoo Designs Can Start The Healing

How can you mend a broken heart?  Looking through a few broken heart tattoo designs to commemorate the events that started it all might be a good solution.  The first step to moving on might be getting the broken heart on your chest over your heart or on your arm as one way of telling yourself and the world that yes, it is finally over.  This tattoo is popular and common, but subtle changes or personal touches can make it your own.  Getting a broken heart tattoo puts you in company with many people who loved and lost long ago and those who are still looking for love today.

The broken heart is a fairly common metaphor for the agonizing pain you feel when you break up, lose a loved one or go through one of life’s difficult changes.  Rejection hurts. Love can sting, and death can be cruel. Any one of these events can make you feel that your heart is literally being cut or broken in half.   Having a broken heart is even documented in the bible.  Psalm 69:20 says “Insults have broken my heart and left me weak.”

It might not seem real to others who are not going through it, but having a broken heart is very real and can be extremely painful. People can actually die after suffering great loss.  It is called broken heart syndrome and is most common after the death of a spouse after a long marriage. After living through the pain, getting a tattoo to memorialize the pain seems an obvious choice.

If you want to go for a broken heart tattoo design with a humorous vein, you might try a variation of the heart with wearing a Band-Aid or being propped up by crutches.  You can also go for the infected looking heart that looks as if it has gangrene or is having a hole blasted through it.  There are many funny cartoonish ideas that would work for the broken heart including representations of shooting, stabbing or clubbing the poor thing.

Cool broken heart tattoo designSimple designs include the shape of a heart with a wavy line running part way through it to indicate a break.  This can stand alone or as part of a larger motif.  You can also put the start and end days of the relations in lettering or in a banner underneath to mock a commemorative or ‘in memorial’ tattoo.

A real commemorative or memorial tattoo will of course look much more serious.  You would be looking for thick, bold lines and heavy reds for the heart.  The break can be a rip or tear either at the top pulling away a segment of the heart or a break running down the middle.  In the case of a genuine memorial tattoo for a loved one, their picture or name could be added to a stylized banner under the heart.

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