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12 Nov

Color For Your Feminine Tattoos

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colorful feminine fairy tattooColor For Your Feminine Tattoos

There are two ways women usually go when choosing the colors for their feminine tattoos. Most women choose feminine colors or girly colors such as soft pinks, reds and some blues, or they can choose stronger and bold colors that stand out more. Choosing a more feminine color makes the tattoo choices harder, because most designs do not look good with pink and baby blue colors. These two colors do look great together and would look good on any feminine or girly tattoo design.

Most colors can become feminine by making them lighter or softer. Even dark colors can look feminine by making them lighter than normal. Lighter purple colors look good on feminine tattoos such as most flowers and butterfly tattoos. A strong and bold color would be darker colors, reds and black. These can be used with lighter colors and still give you the feminine tattoo you are looking for.

pink feminine tattoosNeutral colors you can use on feminine tattoos are medium colors, such as orange, yellow and green. Even a darker pink is bold and yet is still very feminine. The color you choose for your feminine tattoo will make all of the difference on how girly your tattoo will be. Colors are very important to the design of any tattoo but most people still opt for having an all black tattoo or black outlined and shaded design. Be sure you look at other feminine tattoos before you choose which color you will go with so that you know that the color you have chosen will look good on your design.


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