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14 Oct

Frog Tattoos – Frog Tattoo Designs

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blue frog tattooFrog Tattoos – Frog Tattoo Designs

The symbol of the frog tattoo can be found all around the world.  It is commonly associated with metamorphosis, regeneration, and new direction.  The symbol of the frog has different meanings in different cultures.

There are several different species of frogs that have a wide variety of colors.  They range in color from purple to yellow.  There are over 5,000 different species of frogs, so the choices on what your frog tattoo can look like are almost endless.

In ancient Egypt, the frog was considered to be a symbol of life and thought to be the protector on the journey to the afterlife.

The symbol of the frog inspires many with its natural characteristics.  From birth the frog takes a transformational journey as the frog egg hatches into a tadpole, which then begins the transformation into an adult frog, that can live both on land and in the water.  The frog is thought to represent adaptability and transformation.  They are strong little animals who are capable of many things.  Being such a small animal the frog often has to defend itself, which is also a very appealing feature to many people.

Some Native American tribes thought the frog to be associated with the moon and water.  It was seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  It is also referred to by some tribes as, “The Great Rain Maker”.

green tree frog tattooMost of the time frog tattoos are done on a small scale.  This makes them suitable for any area of the body.  They look great on ankles and feet.  They also look nice on the wrist and lower leg.  Frog tattoos are great additions to arm bands.  They also fit nicely with Celtic and tribal designs.  Because of their natural coloring, frog tattoos are designed in a variety of different colors.  If you research frogs you can find one in almost every color.  This makes choosing a color for your tattoo a lot easier.  Some people feel more comfortable choosing an unusual color if they know there is a real frog out there with that same color.
Other words that are commonly associated with the image of the frog are; life, fertility, harmony, licentiousness, and rebirth.

Some people choose the frog tattoo as a symbol of healing. Frogs are fun tattoos.  Throughout our culture they have been depicted as both realistic, and cartoon.  Some choose for bright pink while other opt for a more realistic look.  Whatever your style may be, there is a frog that is sure to suit you.


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