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11 Dec

How Do You Feel About Lettering Tattoos?

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How do you feel about getting words or phrases tattooed on you forever? I think it’s kinda a bad idea. You might regret lettering as your views change. How do you feel about this? I was just interested about these lettering tattoos because I have a friend who just got his last name tattooed on his back. It looks great but I don’t think its something I could ever get.

1 Dec

Best Advice When Getting A Tattoo To Represent A Child?

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child tattoosI am getting two tattoos to represent each of my children. I want something completely unique (no names, birthdays, hand or foot prints, etc). What is the best advice that you can give to help me pick a unique and meaningful tattoo for my boys? I will probably design it myself and have someone draw it, but I just can’t think of the best way to represent them without having a tattoo that everybody else has. Thanks!

20 Nov

Creating Tattoos With Your Initials

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HB initial tattooCreating Tattoos With Your Initials

A tattoo with someone’s initials is one of the most meaningful tattoos. Not only do the initials represent someone but they are the initials of someone dear to the person. Some people get the initials of their children tattooed on their body in some form or another. While other people will get the initials of a passed loved one, someone who meant a great deal to the person who has passed away. The most common tattoo with initials is from someone who has passed away. Usually initial tattoos come with other forms of tattoos such as, crosses, religious symbols, flowers as well as skulls. With the initials you can have dates or other meaning full words or letters along with the initials. Some people try to hide the initials of a passed loved one within their other tattoos, so the person with the tattoo knows they are there but no one else does. It makes the initial tattoo more meaningful and special to them.

initials of child tattooJust like when two people fall in love, they carve into a tree their initials, so can be their initials tattooed on each other. Some people will add other parts to the tattoo such as a heart, arrow or anything else that symbolizes their love for each other. Angelina Jolie had the initials of the man she married, Billy Bob Thornton, but now she is married to Brad Pitt. Since then she has had the name Billy Bob removed from her tattoo.

Other initial tattoos could be phrases or words that people like or that are meaningful to them. Whatever you choose to do, be sure your initials have meaning and that initial tattoos should not be taken lightly as they are one of the most meaningful tattoos you can get.

19 Nov

Lettering Tattoos For Girls

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Megan Fox Lettering TattooLettering Tattoos For Girls

Girls now-a-days are getting lettering tattoos or tattoos design with words or phrases that have deep meaning to them. Some girls get their favorite quote, a song, scripture, or just a simple name tattooed on them. Each lettering tattoo will be unique because there are hundreds and thousands of different fonts that can be used.

One of the more popular lettering tattoos of today is having your tattoo done in a hand writing font and style. The hand writing style is not only simple, but pretty and looks nice when done. It’s very easy to make this type of tattoo unique since everyone’s handwriting style is completely different. Some of the most painful places to put tattoos on the skin like the sides and chest are also some of the more popular places to put lettering tattoos. For girls, some cannot handle the pain of being tattooed in that area and therefore will opt for a smaller word or very short phrase for their tattoo.

Angelina Jolie Lettering TattooThere are many different styles and fonts you can use on your tattoo. It is just a matter of finding what looks the best to you. You will have to keep in mind that the font you pick out will need to fit with the words or phrase you are getting tattoos. If you have a long phrase, you will want to pick a font that is not so big and bulky; otherwise you will find that your tattoo is much bigger than you wanted. Lettering tattoos are not just for girls but guys also get these types of tattoos all of the time.

17 Nov

Arabic Tattoo Writing – Lettering Tattoos

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Arabic tattoo stencilsArabic Tattoo Writing – Lettering Tattoos

You will not find an Arabic tattoo in North America, but once you leave North America you will notice that people do get Arabic writing tattoos. Arabic writing tattoos have many different meanings. They are letters in the Arabic language and fall under the lettering tattoos. Some of the meanings of the Arabic tattoos come from family members and mean “Brother” or “I will love my mother always”.

Some more examples of Arabic letter tattoos are more powerful words and are meant for the soul. Some of these words that are tattooed are, love, serenity, strength, courage and are usually done separately. Some Arabic tattoos are phrases and not just single words, like love. Depending on the phrase or words will determine how big your tattoo will be.

arabic tattoo writingThe best place to find Arabic writing tattoos is online. There are many examples of Arabic writing you can get as your Arabic tattoo. Most tattoo artist are unfamiliar with Arabic tattoos but if you bring them a picture of what you want they should be able to copy the design and make it your tattoo.  If you want your Arabic tattoo done correctly it might be best to find someone who has a background of Arabic writing or has studied Arabic, so that they have an idea of what you want for your tattoo.

16 Nov

Choose Your Hebrew Tattoos

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hebrew tattoo stone tabletChoose Your Hebrew Tattoos

Having letters or words tattooed on your body can make for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo. Hebrew tattoos are some of the ways people put words on their body that only they know what it means. Hebrew is a language that can look great on your skin. Some people often decide to get other languages on their skin such as, French, Spanish and even Chinese letters. If you decide to get a Hebrew tattoo you will want to find a word or phrase that has meaning to you in some way.

Getting a Hebrew tattoo takes effort on your part because you will need to find the word or phrase you want and then find someone who knows the Hebrew language to accurately translate the meaning for you into the Hebrew language. Most tattoo artist will not be able to do this for you since they most likely do not know the Hebrew language.

hebrew tattoo on the forearmAnother great part to a Hebrew tattoo is adding other significant parts to the tattoo. Some people make the tattoo look like it has been written on a stone tablet while other people might just add other graphics to the design. The picture or design for the Hebrew tattoo could be something that the word describes. An example is that if the word or phrase in Hebrew talks about change, the person could add a butterfly to signify the change.

A great Hebrew tattoo would be to have a scripture or religious phrase and add to the tattoo by making it look like a stone tablet on your chest. Whatever you decide, the Hebrew tattoo needs to have meaning to yourself and make sure the word or phrase you use is accurately translated to the Hebrew language.

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