Creative Chest Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Ideas for Chest Tattoos

A chest tattoo is a big piece, it can take hours or days to complete and it’s one of the most visible, especially on a woman. There’s loads of things that could fit on this spot and depending on your style you can probably come up with something personally badass that no one else has. Here’s a few design concepts that might give you some ideas.

A Minimalist Design

The more simple the design the more powerful it can be. Many collectors wear nothing but geometrics and line work or a single “big” piece in the middle with simpler designs on the outside such as a gem, a rose, or a skull.

Filigree or Ornaments

Not the Christmas kind. Many old lithgraph images have ornate scrolling ornaments that look like curling leaves and a flowers. These can be fitted together in any number of ways around a cental piece or just the ornaments alone are often pretty enough to do a collar rocker. These are best done in black and gray.

Japanese Art

Foo Dogs always come in pairs. It makes sense on an area that is split into two to have a left and right to the design. This means you’ll be able to put the male and female dogs on either side and still have plenty of room to work to bring them together.

A Heart

Makes sense right? Putting a heart over your heart? An anatomical heart fits well as a center piece and it’s easy to work with a heart theme – a bleeding heart, a sacred heart, these all fit well in the space. Hearts also fit well with wings since the wings copy the shape of the chest/collarbone area. There’s all sorts of different wing styles you could work with too so it’s far less limiting than it sounds.


If you’re into blackout art, dotwork, or geometric as a whole the chest is n amazing area to work on because of the opportunity for close symmetry. With a clear dividing line and a combination of curves and straight lines you’ve got a good opportunity to put together something interesting.


The chest area is perfect for portraits because as it ages the area doesn’t change that much. Most artists want to think the tattoo will have some longevity so they pick areas where the skin won’t age as bad or stretch out and ruin the tattoo. The chest area works well like that and you’ve got the space for 3-4 people on there if you want to make a scene of it.

Religious Icons

Crosses make great centerpieces for their symmetry, and many people choose to tattoo a rosary or cross on their chest because it’s so close to their heart. They’re literally wearing their religious commitment over their heart.


Moths, butterflies and other “winged things” all have stunning symmetry which makes them a perfect fit for chest pieces. The wings are also good shape to follow the collar bone and still leave you plenty of room around to make a whole piece of it.

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