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Daisy Tattoos – Bold & Beautiful Daisy Tattoo

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daisy tattooDaisy Tattoos – Bold & Beautiful Daisy Tattoo

Daisy tattoos look good almost anywhere on your body. Daisies look good anywhere in nature – in full green fields, in a plain or fancy vase and certainly growing forever strong on your wrist or ankle. Daisy tattoos let you bring this beautiful reminder of nature with you, wherever you go.

There are several different kinds of daisy tattoos and many ways to mix up colors and types into a remarkable one-of–a-kind design.  Daisy chains, bouquets and single daisy tattoos can be used to create unique body art. They can also be used for commemorative or ‘in memory’ tattoos that stir thoughtful feelings for anyone who sees them.

The daisy has an interesting start being called “day’s eye” as the flower opens at sunrise then closes at sunset.  The Latin name for the little flower is thought to come from Latin Bellis meaning perennial beauty.  Flower symbolism was a very important form of communication in medieval times and the daisy appears frequently in the art of the time.

The white daisy meant innocence, which in turn caused it to be considered part of the image of the Madonna and Child as this became a symbol of the virgin birth. From there they became associated with children and the carefree but naïve aspects of childhood.  Perhaps this is why in the 1960s the daisy became a symbol of the peace movement inspiring an entire generation to love at least this representation of concord and harmony.

People also associate daisy tattoo designs with loyalty, beauty, simplicity and patience.  Having daisy tattoo designs brings these attributes closer to home.  Daisies do not have to be white, even in nature there are a variety of colors including blue, but getting a tattoo does not mean always having a realistic portrait of the flower.  Fanciful representations of daisies can be fun and look beautiful.  Rainbow hued flowers, or daisies with psychedelic backgrounds can remind you of the flowers past, or a daisy chain that links multicolored petals can ring an arm, wrist or ankle.

daisy tattoo stensilDaisy tattoos can be used as ‘in memory’ or memorial tattoos for anyone who loved the flower or had some association with it, but children especially can be represented by the flower.  Daisies also still have religious significance and are sometimes seen tattooed with praying hands, linked to rosary beads, held by angels, between the wings of an angel, woven into the air of angels or representing other aspects of religious belief.

That is not to say daisies cannot be risqué.  In a twist on their being viewed as symbols of naïve or simple living, daisies will sometimes be used in complex motifs for effect.  They might also be spoofed as the innocent flower by being placed near the bra line, panty line, on the hip, belly button or lower back.  Daisy tattoo designs can fit anywhere and look especially good as life size representations.

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