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Finger Tattoos Send A Clear Message

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flame finger tattooFinger Tattoos Send A Clear Message

Sending out a strong message with body art is best possible with finger tattoo designs.  You can spell out exactly what you mean using your fingers as you can with almost no other type of tattoos.  There are several different types of finger tattoos and many finger tattoo designs from which to choose.

One of the most common finger tattoo designs is lettering.  You can spell out a name, initials, sayings or mottos on your fingers.  This was not always a popular place to get tattoos. Up until the late 1990s when hip hop and rap artists along with other celebrities really became passionate about tattoos and magazine photos showed them sporting finger designs did the public take an interest in getting the art themselves.

Lettering on the hands or fingers was only seen in prisons or among bikers, but these days they are just as likely to be seen on college campus dorms or at upscale hotspots.  Lettering tattoos for finger designs can be in just about any font depending on the size of the hand in question.  Fonts can be hollow or filled in with ink and multi-colors are of course possible.  To add contrast to a letter tattoo, use one color ink for the outline and another to fill it in.  Letter tattoos can be added to with various color backgrounds or images such as stars, flowers, vines and Celtic or Tribal designs. Common words which might be chosen to display a person motto or ‘love’, ‘hope’, or ‘God’.

rihanna finger tattooWedding bands or ring bands are becoming a very popular finger tattoo design as they can be a symbol of love that, unlike a real ring, can never be taken away, lost or stolen.  Several celebrities have these tattoos many with the name or initials of their spouse or love interest woven into the design.  Others have the anniversary date put in the same way which is a good way to always be able to remember it!  Still other couples have the certain parts of their vows or at least the words ‘I do’ in the design.

Some people have the name of a lost love one or friend permanently inscribed on their finger as a way of saying the deceased still guides their hands.  These designs can also be complimented with other small designs such as a cross or dove symbol.

The nice thing about a finger design tattoo is the visibility. Just like a real piece of jewelry it is always where other people can see and admire it.  The only problem is tattoos on the finger can be very hard, if not impossible, to hide or cover up unless they are very small.  Still, with this type of tattoo you have a personal and constant reminder of something or someone who is important to you.

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