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How To Select A Mom Tattoo

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mom tattooIf you decide to get a mom tattoo, you are not only telling your mother how much you love her, but also making a style statement, if the tattoo is done right. Some people get these as a tribute to their deceased mother. Mothers are the epitome of virtues such as patience, warmth, love, and courage among others. Ancient civilizations across the world always held mothers in high esteem. The oft heard adage, “Since God could not be everywhere, he created mothers” is absolutely true.

The heart shaped tattoo is one of the most popular choices for the background image. Since this can be personalized, people even get a fruit or a flower tattoo alongside. Then there are tribal patterns that are for the more adventurous. Either you could get it colored or just get an outline of the heart with the word ‘mom’ in red. Some people even get their mothers’ names inscribed alongside. They could get this done in exotic languages; Sanskrit is a popular option. Some tattoo enthusiasts dedicate a couplet or a verse to their mothers. Do not assume that these tattoos are only for children who would like to let their moms know about their love for them; there are women who are very enthusiastic about their mommy status and get a mom tattoo done.

Taking care of your mom tattoo is important to ensure that it would last longer. You must follow the instructions given by your artist to avoid any infections. Do not expose the tattoo to water during the first few days of the healing period. If you have to go out in the sun, apply a sun block. If you do not take sufficient care, the design could be very badly scabbed and you will have to get it done all over again. And if the pattern is messed up, you would have to get a new tattoo. You may have to go to the tattoo studio for refilling. In case the mom tattoo is your first tattoo, get a simple design. Your back or arm would be great places for the motif as you will not feel much pain and the artist has enough space to work on.

You and your sibling could both get a mom tattoo on Mothers’ Day to show your appreciation for all that your mother has done for you. There are matching tattoos. What you could do is check out the tattoo websites for inspiration. Some of these websites explicitly say that you cannot copy them. These are the forums that would charge you for the design. Your tattoo artist would also have a catalog of such tattoos. You could tell the artist what you are looking for and then let him or her do his job. You would want something unique and hence just searching online for designs may not be the best of ideas; you can always tweak the typical tattoos and make them stand out. If you would like to let the world know that your mother has played a very important role in shaping your life, then a mom tattoo would be just great.

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