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Lucky Tattoos Inspire Fortune – Get Lucky Tattoos

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lucky tattoosGet Lucky With A Lucky Tattoo

Lucky tattoo designs have become increasingly popular today. We all want to be lucky and having a little something extra gives you confidence.  It might have crossed your mind that with some lucky tattoo designs you could keep your good fortune with you always.  No more leaving your lucky charm on the nightstand and failing the important test because you do not have it.  No more loosing the bingo you almost had because you forgot your rabbit’s foot at home. The luck is with you wherever you go and best of all it is now a part of your body art collection forever.

You know luck is with you always, just some of the time it is good and sometimes not so good. Luck is the belief in either good or bad things happening in your life by accident or chance beyond your control.  You also know that you are not alone.  Throughout time people have looked for ways to increase their good fortune while minimizing their risks by utilizing either faith or superstition to give them an edge.  The Romans saw the god Fortuna as being the bringer of luck. Many people believe in lucky numbers.

The term luck may come from the Sanskrit word ‘Lakshmi’ and the name ‘Lady Luck’ from the Hindu divinity of Money and Fortune.  Some people think of the image of horse shoes are lucky, but while looking through lucky tattoo designs consider that only the shoe with the upturned ends brings good fortune.  This makes a great tattoo, but watch the placement to keep the ends facing the right way or your luck will run out.  The horseshoe became lucky according to tradition when a blacksmith named Saint Dunstan nailed a horse shoe to the hoof of the Devil.

The number seven makes a great tattoo too, because according to the Bible when God created the heavens and the Earth this was accomplished in just six days.  God rested on the seventh day.  There are also the seven virtues working opposite the seven deadly sins. In the New Testament, Jesus advises Peter to forgive his sins committed against him seventy times seven times.

lucky lady tattooA rabbit’s foot is thought of as lucky.  It is known to be a charm against misfortune. A four leaf clover is supposed to help you with luck as well as love and faith.  While the shamrock is used to represent the Holy Trinity, the four leaf clover has one more leaf bringing to mind God’s grace.  Finding a real four leaf clover is hard, since they are a rare one in 10,000 occurrence. Getting a tattoo of a four leaf clover seems downright prudent.

A diamond is lucky as everyone knows because it is indestructible and dice are a lucky tattoo to have, since they remind Lady Luck who she came in with and where she remains.

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