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Meanings Of Heart Tattoos – The Heart Tattoo

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breaking heart tattooMeanings Of Heart Tattoos – The Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos can have several different meanings.  One of the most common meanings associated with the heart, is love.  Friendship and devotion are also commonly associated with the heart.

The heart was believed in the past to be the location of the soul.  It also has different meanings to different religions.  The Christian faith sees the heart as the center of emotion.  The Islamic faith believes the heart to be the spiritual center.

Heart tattoos are common among both men and women, and is one of the most commonly requested tattoos.  They can be incorporated into larger pieces, or simple single heart designs.  Hearts also look great in arm bands.  Some people choose to have the heart accompanied by cupid, daggers, and ribbons.  The design possibilities are endless.

Some of the most commonly requested colors for heart tattoos include; red and purple.  Red is a symbol of love and romance, while purple is a symbol of passion.

Some of the most common heart tattoos include:

The Sacred Heart

The sacred heart is often used as a religious symbol.  These tattoos are usually depicted as hearts surrounded by thorns, blood, and fire.  It symbolizes the sacrifice that Jesus made, and his love for all mankind.

The Winged Heart

Winged heart tattoos are also a common request.  These are sometimes associated with a free spirit.

The Ribbon Heart

Heart tattoos with a ribbon displaying the name of a loved one are also very common.  Some common choices for the name on the ribbon include; a spouse, mom, the name of children, and even the name of a loved pet.  These tattoos are seen as a tribute to the one whose name is displayed in the tattoo.

The Broken Heart

The broken heart tattoo is often used to symbolize the loss of a love or loved one.

tribal heart tattooThe Celtic Heart

The Celtic heart tattoo is a beautiful design usually done in black ink that consists of Celtic knot work.  It is also referred to as the love knot tattoo.

The Pierced Heart

The pierced heart is usually depicted as a heart being pierced with arrows.  Cupid often comes to mind, and these tattoos also symbolize love.

Heart tattoos are as popular today as ever, and with the variation of designs and sizes available the heart tattoo is a perfect choice for someone’s first tattoo.  They can be applied almost everywhere on the body.

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