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Mom Tattoos For The Grown Up Kid – Mom Tattoo Heart

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mom rose tattooMom Tattoos For The Grown Up Kid – Mom Tattoo Heart

Getting a mom tattoo is probably one of the most honoring things you can do for your mom. Mom was always there. Perhaps she was a single parent raising you and your siblings.  Maybe she had to work, but still found time to take care of you.  She was your friend, mentor and one-woman guide on how to get through life.  There are plenty of Mom tattoo designs that will commemorate the phenomenal job she did in raising you.  While the flowers and chocolate you give her on Mother’s Day will fade and be eaten up soon, the tattoo will always be there as a testament to how much you love your very own Mom.

Legend has that an Irish sailor got a tattoo after seeing the natives of New Zealand sometime in 19th century.  He got them to give him a tattoo of a banner with the word “Mother” and a heart with a saber through it.  This came from an Irish drinking song about having saluted father dear and “kissed me darling mother” before leaving home to go to sea.  It is hard to say if this tale is true, but it makes a good story while you are explaining your own Mom tattoo.

You can go together.  You and your mother, whether she is a part of the tattoo community or not, could go in order to draw out the tattoo and decide on a design together.  A tattoo would be a nice present for her while you get your own done.  It is also a good time to find out or discuss what might make your tattoo even more personal a reminder of your Mom.  For instance, you might remember she loves daisies so instead of a heart you could have a banner with the word MOM across an ‘airbrushed’ or highly stylized daisy.

If going in with her does not work out, you can bring pictures.  Your Mom tattoo design could be her picture and a rose or heart in the background.  You could play to her sense of humor and get a cartoon version drawn of her with the MOM banner underneath.

mom heart tattooA Celtic band can be used for the Mom tattoo as well if you want to incorporate several tattoos together into one unified theme.  You could take her favorite flower, or quotes or religious symbols and have them as a theme of a band, half sleeve or full sleeve dedicated to your Mom.

You might also just go for a lettering tattoo with Mom written in script or basic letters in her favorite color.  You might also have Mom tattoo designs with a symbol of something important to her or both of you in the background of a lettering tattoo.

Mom tattoos can go where most tastefully placed body art is placed: the chest, back, lower and upper arms and lower back.  In other words, this art should be inked where you will not mind showing your mother.

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  1. Mike Smith Says:
    April 15th, 2010 at 7:36 am

    The rose and heart tattoo is a testament to love. A red rose is the most traditional way of reaching out to someones heart and delivering the message I Love You.

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