The Best Musical Tattoo Designs for Music Lovers!

Music Tattoo Ideas

Whether a song reminds you of someone or if it’s the ultimate pick-me-up for a bad day, music is so meaningful to our everyday lives. For those who hold music close to their hearts or even if you’re not a music major but enjoy music, cute musical tattoo designs are a sure way to express that.


While the “old microphone” tattoo is a little overdone it’s common for a reason. If you’re a musician there’s a good chance you have a favorite recording mic or you have one you dream of having. That microphone is what captures your music and allows you to share it with the world. It’s almost like a gateway between you and your listeners which makes it a very important item.


If you’re not a singer, you may have a favorite iconic instrument instead. This could be your first guitar or the first time you saw a drum kit and knew you wanted to play it. Instruments come in all shapes and sizes and vary by culture. If you have vivid memories of your trip to Africa and the tribal drums you heard then choosing to have those could be a great reminder.

Music Notes

This is by far the most minimal tattoo on this list. Notes can be anything from a simple clef to an entire symphony if you’re willing to donate the space to it. This would also be a good idea if you have a favorite piece of music.

Be warned, notes that are empty inside rather than solid black may blur over time and become solid if they’re done too small. Always stick to good aftercare to help avoid this, but most of the time small outline tattoos will blur no matter what you do.

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If you have a song that is especially meaningful to you, getting the song lyrics tattooed can be the perfect way to emphasize that to those around you. Choose wisely! That is unless you want entire paragraphs tattooed on you. Lyrics can be touching and a more obvious way of saying what we feel than music notes. Lyrics can be about anything. The good times, the bad times, or that time when you needed someone and music was there for you.

Album Art

Many bands have beautiful artwork on their covers and inside their albums. There are also plenty which use symbols or logos for their name. If you’re a diehard fan this is the perfect way to show it. Some of the most popular are Avenged Sevenfold’s bat device or the HIM heartagram.


Many musicians have iconic influences. Billy Holliday, Bob Marley, and Kurt Cobain are just a few of the more popular. If there’s someone whose music helped you find your own style, then a portrait of them is the perfect homage to their work. Music tattoos are probably much more common than you think.

Music tattoos are probably much more common than you think. There are so many kinds beyond the typical notes and instruments. You might not recognize them at first! As with any tattoo, choosing a design that is meaningful is what is most important. Do you have a musical tattoo design you want to share?

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