Why Some People Bring Friends to Get Tattooed

Can I Brings Friends with me to get a tattoo

People who get tattooed fall into two categories – those who want to bring a friend and those who want to be on their own. There’s lots of reasons why someone might want to bring a friend with them to get tattooed and you might be surprised about it.


Going through what could be a painful experience on your own sucks, and having someone there to hold your hand while you’re going through it might just give you the edge to get through it successfully. Many people who are getting their first tattoo want the reassurance and moral support that a friend can bring. While those in the tattoo shop might laugh it’s a common misconception that tattoo artists and tattoo shops are scary and intimidating.


Others who bring friends simply want company or someone to talk to. While most artists are happy to hold a conversation their focus is on your tattoo and they can become lost in that rather than talking to you about whatever mundane thing you need. The friend steps in so the artist can be left to do their job and to help you pass the time.

Second Opinion

While your friend knows that ultimately it’s your decision having a second opinion on what might be a permanent mistake can help be the deciding factor. While it’s difficult to bring someone overly critical they may be able to say the things you don’t know how to voice if you’re second guessing the design. You don’t want them to get in the way and you do want to follow your own opinions but having reassurance from someone you know can be a deciding factor.

To see the Process

Especially if it’s your first tattoo there’s a good chance your friends won’t have tattoos either. If they’re thinking of getting inked watching someone else go through the ordeal can help make their mind up about whether they think they can go through it or not. People are by nature curious and tattooing is often done behind a closed door so it’s understandable that they want to see what’s happening.

Should you bring a friend?

It’s entirely up to you if you bring someone but some states actually don’t allow you to. North Carolina for example prohibits having anyone in the tattoo room other than the artist and client. There’s lots of reasons you shouldn’t bring a friend with you.

  • They might annoy you – some people get angry and annoyed when getting tattooed and friends can make that worse.
  • They might jog you – friends sometimes think it’s funny to play pranks but if they really jog your artist you could have a permanent mistake on you.
  • They’re going to be bored – watching someone who is taking a tattoo well and doesn’t want to talk is boring. If you sit well then you probably don’t need them.
  • They’re in the way – many friends can get in the way of the tattoo process by distracting the artist, overriding your personal opinions, and being unhelpful. Be careful who you decide to bring if you do bring a friend with you.
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