Tattoo Aftercare 101

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Did you know that tattoos are not permanent until they’re properly healed? Not paying close enough attention to your tattoo aftercare could mean that your tattoo fades soon after getting it or falls out entirely. Why would you spend so much time, effort and money on something that you can’t enjoy for the long haul? Keep reading to learn all about tattoo aftercare and avoid messing up any of the beautiful you’re planning.

Let it Breathe

While your artist will often wrap your tattoo in cling wrap or a bandage, it’s important that, after the set period of time your tattooist told you, you give it a quick wipe over to remove any build up or blood and let it breathe. The bandage is to make sure that the immediate wound doesn’t come into contact with any harmful bacteria or dirt that would be built up on your car seat or otherwise. It keep it safe until you get somewhere you can properly look over it, and all the while soaks up all the gross blood and puss that may happen immediately after being tattooed.

Letting any tattoo breathe is hugely important because the open would needs air fluctuating in order for the skin to heal and to fend off any build up of sweat.

Wash and Moisturize Often

While it’s important to constantly be moisturizing your tattoo to keep it from drying out, that doesn’t mean you should slather it on and avoid washing it off. Heavy ointments can suffocate a tattoo if not washed off occasionally or if you’re over moisturizing.

Wash your tattoo regularly, several times a day and moisturize carefully using only the amount you need. When properly moisturized your tattoo should not be wet to the touch and should look brighter.

Don’t Submerge It in Water!

While washing your artwork is essential to allow it to heal properly and quickly, do not submerge it in water entirely. Showers are fine, but don’t let it sit around in the bath.

Avoid the Sun and Bulk Buy Sunscreen!

Letting the sun shine directly onto your tattoo soon after getting it is asking for it start fading. Healing tattoos are more susceptible to falling out remember? Don’t help it fade faster.

But the aftercare doesn’t stop once your tattoo is all healed up. Unless you’re dying for a tattoo that’s washed out and faded you’ll want to keep your tattoos covered in sunscreen once they’re healed.

Tattoo Aftercare means Touch Ups

While touch ups aren’t 100% necessary for any tattoo they can make a huge difference. For tattoos in particular spots like the fingers, wrists and feet where wear happens easily or they’re often exposed to the elements, touch ups can be important to maintaining the colors or (for finger tattoos) any semblance of the design at all.

Do you have any tattoo aftercare tips that you wouldn’t dare leave out? Or are you someone who leaves it alone and lets it do its own thing? Share the love and let us know in a comment below!

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