Tattoo Artist Feature: Corey Divine

Corey Divine Tattoo Artist

One of the newer generation of artists, Corey Divine quickly became a well-known artist because of his pointillism and geometric work. His blackwork is his signature now even though originally he started out as a New School artist and his newest move is to include a little bit of selective color in his pieces. Like many artists, he started tattooing by purchasing a kit online and practicing on his friends.

While he had an apprenticeship at the age of 17 it wasn’t a particularly great experience and he learned only the basics of tattooing there. He’s from San Francisco and finds inspiration in art, life, travel, music, and psychedelic experiences. His name really is Corey Divine too, unlike some artists who use a moniker. His skills as a tattoo artist are mostly self-taught and he admits that he has no idea what is coming next for his artwork but he’s leaning towards returning more color into his work and away from the blackwork he is known for.

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He does a lot of travel and works conventions all over the world, though admittedly his favorite experience has been to see Kathmandu in Nepal. When he’s traveling is the only time you’re likely to get an appointment without booking a year in advance! His convention schedule usually includes spots all over Europe including the London Convention and several in Germany and Italy.

His shop is Sacred Geometry in Oakland and he practices a lot of spiritual work for the good of the planet.

His shop is Sacred Geometry in Oakland and he practices a lot of spiritual work for the good of the planet. Sacred geometry is the practice of giving sacred meanings to geometric designs and proportions that relate to the frequencies and vibrations of the universe. You can find sacred geometry in many religious sites like churches, temples and mosques. Part of the shops mission is to use this geometry to raise awareness of the planet. They sell clothing, art, jewelry and more with designs on them as well as working primarily on tattoos that feature sacred geometry.

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Something that clients find frustrating is that he only works on large pieces like back and torso. His reasoning behind this is that he has regretted most of his own smaller work and finds that having different artists trying to collaborate pieces on an arm or sleeve often looks bad to him. It’s a personal choice but being that he’s so popular it’s one he can definitely afford!

He’s been called the revolution of tattooing before because he’s part of the new millennial generation that tries to find things their own way.

Like many artists he is an admitted workaholic and he was drawn to tattooing by the shows on television. He’s still works on other projects too and has furniture, clothes, and all sorts of merchandise with his name on it including a Grassroots collaboration. He collaborates a lot with other tattoo artists as well and has a line of fake tattoos so that you can wear his work even if you’re not ready for something permanent.


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