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Scott Campbell Tattoo

The bad boy of tattooing, Scott is the typical anti-hero. He’s based in Brooklyn but from Louisiana and at first glance you’d probably not think him a tattoo artist. His shop Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn has a unique style that shows a lot about him. Recently having collaborated with Hennessy on a bottle design, he works on watercolors and other art forms as well. Unlike many artists he tends to stay in Brooklyn but occasionally travels to L.A when the weather gets cold.

He started his career studying Biochemistry at the University of Texas but always had an interest in the arts and found his opening when he was part of the Dash Show party crew in the early 2000s. His partying days are mostly over now that he’s married to actress Lake Bell with a daughter but he still gets plenty of excitement from his career. He moved from Texas to California and started out in Picture Machine, a low end studio where he learned as much as possible before heading to New York to open his studio in just 5 years.

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Possibly one of his most interesting experiences was to go to a prison in Mexico for six months, while he wasn’t an inmate his experience there has given him an understanding of how tattoos can be an expression of individuality in a world that breaks people down into numbers.
His work with the Hennessy bottles was something outside the box and he considers it to be one of the most interesting collaborations he’s ever taken part in. Much of his inspiration comes from symbols and power found in their meanings. This can be absolutely anything and his drawings often have reflections of his experiences with customers and their emotional situation at the time of their tattoo.

He’s had articles in Forbes, Interview, and many big names outside of the tattoo community, bridging the gap between the business and tattoo worlds.

Tattooing for him is personal, it’s about interacting with one person and how that tattoo becomes a part of their life from that point on.
Some of his most famous clients include Heath Ledger, Kanye West, Penelope Cruz and Mark Jacobs. He also did a full body paint tattoo for his wife’s magazine cover since she doesn’t actually have any tattoos. He’s had articles in Forbes, Interview, and many big names outside of the tattoo community, bridging the gap between the business and tattoo worlds. Other projects include his artwork painted on police cars.


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He’s another artist who tells people not to get into tattooing unless they have a passion for it. There’s a lot of service involved and your designs are still at the whim of the customer. One of his most famous projects was Whole Glory. This involved him agreeing to tattoo a client who would then stick their arm through a hole in a wall then he would tattoo whatever he wanted and the client would not see the design until it was finished.
While tattooing is still Scott’s daily work he spends a huge portion of his time doing fine art and is one of the most well respected of New York’s elite art scene. He focuses primarily on watercolors.

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