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The Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo – Sea Turtle Tattoos

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hawaiian turtle tattooThe Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo – Sea Turtle Tattoos

The Hawaiian tattoo is a popular design to choose for someone looking for something original from the Hawaiian Islands. The sea turtle tattoo is a symbol of a tropical environment and turtles are found all around the Hawaiian Islands. This is one of the main reasons why people get the Hawaiian turtle tattoo after visiting the islands or living on the islands. A turtle image can be seen throughout most Hawaiian tattoo designs. Turtles are also seen throughout the artwork and historical and cultural aspects of the Island and the Polynesian markings are present throughout the inspiration of these tattoos.

There are some popular aspects to choose from when picking your Hawaiian turtle tattoo design. These tattoos are inspired by the tribal designs of the turtle which use one color throughout the entire tattoo and lines that are filled with a solid color. A tribal turtle tattoo is often chosen and created with dark colors, thick lines that are bold and other traditional designs that are seen in the Polynesian and traditional tribal tattoos.

Colors are important when picking your Hawaiian turtle tattoo because in Hawaii, colors matter most. Usually Hawaii is seen as a bright and fun place to go, so people try to mimic this tradition within their tattoo. Blue and green colors are popular along with pinks and reds for some of the popular Hawaiian flower tattoos. Colors that are inspired by the water as well bring bright and bold colors to a tattoo. Some people choose to have a turtle tattoo that is swimming in the water or walking on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong with a turtle tattoo from Hawaii.

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