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The Many Ways To Get Lettering Tattoos

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serenity letter tattooLettering tattoos are an extremely exciting form of body art. You can get someone’s name, initials or nickname tattooed as a way to remember that person forever. It can be the easiest way to remember an important date with a permanent reminder tattooed on your body.  You can also put quotes, scriptures, religious sayings or personal mottos someplace where they will never be forgotten or left behind.

Even a single letter can reflect an idea or attitude.  What you want to impart can be said through the coloring you select and the font you choose. For example a complex idea written in a few words with a simple font can have a dramatic effect.  Or you might want to use a highly stylized font to convey a longer message for the simple beauty of the lettering.

There are different kinds of letter styles. For instance Japanese lettering known as Kanji is one of the more complex lettering tattoo styles.  You might put something simple like your child’s name or wedding date in this style and since few people will be able to read it this is a more personal message just for those who are involved to understand.

You can have many different colors and shading for this type of tattoo. Shading and back shadowing work to make the letters stand out more and gives them a dramatic look.  You can also have backgrounds to lettering tattoos, but you might want to resist having one that’s too busy.  Too much in the background can spell trouble for a lettering tattoo by making them difficult to read.

Lettering tattoos are also good in that these can be put just about anywhere.  They can encircle a wrist, ankle or bicep. They can be placed squarely on the chest perhaps over the heart, or under an image.  Other places a lettering tattoo can populate are the inside of the arm, along the fingers, the back of the neck, down the back or along the spine, and on the lower back.

Before going in to have the tattoo, carefully write out the wording of what you want the lettering tattoo to say. Watch for spelling errors since this will be permanently written on your body it’s a bad time to have a word misspelled. Look at different colors and if possible write out the saying or lettering as you wish to see it in that color.  Talk to the tattoo artist beforehand about the lettering and see samples of his lettering artwork.

If you are getting a Kanji, tribal or Chinese font then ask if you can see the fonts stencils they have available to be sure this is exactly what you want. It’s actually a good idea if you’re getting a lettering tattoo in another language to know what the word actually says and whether it has more than one meaning to avoid embarrassment later.

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