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Tribal Dragon Tattoos In Color

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dragon tattoo in colorTribal Dragon Tattoos In Color

Usually a tribal dragon tattoo is all in black. This black color mixed with the dark bold lines is what makes this tattoo stand out. But what happens when you add color to a tribal dragon tattoo? Some men believe that adding color to any tattoo makes it less masculine and more feminine which might be the case on some tattoo styles. A dragon tattoo is usually only in black but recently guys have been getting it in color. If you opt for a tribal dragon tattoo and add color, it will really make things different.

Sometime guys do not like adding color to their tattoo for the sake of how it will look in a few years. Adding color to a tattoo changes the whole look, while having a just a black tattoo will help make the entire tattoo stand out. If you add color to your tattoo you might find that you will have to get it touched up ever few years to keep it looking nice, as color does fade, especially if you have your tattoo in the sun a lot.

dragon tattoo with swordSome dragon tattoos can look better with colors, such as a blue flying dragon, with green underneath it and orange flames all around it. Adding color to the flame might make the dragon tattoo to stand out nicely. Dragons can come in many different colors, but one of the nicest colors seen for any dragon tattoo is a blue water color. Of course your dragon tattoo can be any color you wish but be sure its something you can stand having for the rest of your life. Also remember that adding color to any tattoo will make the cost of the tattoo to increase greatly.

One of the good things about dragon tattoos is that both men and women can have the design. Just by adding a little bit of color can change the whole appearance of the tattoo to be more feminine than masculine. Be sure you pick your colors out carefully for your tribal dragon tattoo.

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  1. Peter Says:
    March 27th, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Wicked cool! I want more tattoos and I think the Dragon is my next choice!

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