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Wedding Band Tattoos Are Symbols Of Forever

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wedding band tattoosWedding Band Tattoos Are Forever

The wedding band is supposed to be a symbol of eternity or at least a commitment lasting that long. Giving yourself over to another person for the rest of your life needs to be marked with something permanent.  For this reason more and more people are looking for wedding band tattoo designs instead of rings.  The bands of gold are pretty, but a tattoo is forever and shows a true commitment.  Getting tattooed takes patience, faith and a triumph over the adversity of in this case minor pain, thus symbolizing a marriage better than any mere ring ever could.

For many generations most couples have viewed the rings as the most important part of the wedding ceremony.  Some believe this practice goes back to the ancient Egyptians more than 3,000 years ago.  These ancient peoples would twist reeds and grasses into wedding bands to wear as a symbol of love because the circle has no beginning or end.  It was the Romans many years later who first used metal to make these ring more durable.  They used iron instead of gold or silver, but as time went on rings took on a deeper significance and became more elaborate.  Usually the band was only for the woman, but as we entered modern times this symbol became more of an exchange with both receiving matching gold bands.  By the end of World War II, it became commonplace to see men wearing wedding bands.

In the 1990s as tattoos became more accepted, couples started looking for wedding band tattoo designs they could share.  While they still wore the gold band, they also wanted body art to permanently symbolize their love for each other.  There are a number of ways these designs can work.

The indelible symbol on the ring finger can be the spouse’s initials or name written in a script.  A Celtic or tribal band can be tattooed with names, date, or inscription of some kind.  A representation of a tradition ring is also possible, but should be undertaken with restraint.  Hand tattoos and especially finger tattoos can be difficult to heal. Swelling of the hand is common and this can cause the finger tattoo to be distorted or blurry after it heals.  Choosing a less intricate tattoo for this area might be a good idea.

wedding ring finger tattooPamela Anderson and her equally famous husband at the time Tommy Lee got wedding band tattoo designs.  Pamela got one that said Tommy, and he had Pamela tattooed around his finger.  When the couple divorced Pamela had hers modified to say “Mommy”.  They weren’t alone, but since this is Hollywood, this story doesn’t have a happy ending either.  When Kathy Griffin had a wedding band tattoo her marriage lasted only five years.  She had hers removed with a laser.

Of course the symbol itself means forever, and that is how long many marriages last.

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  1. David from buywomensweddingbands.com Says:
    December 9th, 2009 at 9:24 am

    I think that it’s a great idea to get a wedding band tattoo, specially if you are allergic to some metals. These days you see more and more people getting tattoos. Some people think it’s crazy but I love the idea

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