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Wolf Tattoos – Tribal Wolf Tattoo

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black wolf tattooTribal Wolf Tattoos

A wolf tattoo symbolizes loyalty, victory, fidelity, and courage.

The wolf is extremely important in Native American mythology.  The wolf symbolizes ancestors and other spiritual guides.  The wolf is also seen as a great teacher and pathfinder.  Different clans in the Native American culture were associated with different wolves.  Native Americans believe that the wolf is; intelligent, loyal, devoted, fearless, and family oriented.  They also believe that these attributes are transferred to the wearer of the wolf tattoo.

Wolves vary in size depending on the breed, and can weigh anywhere from 50 to 115 pounds.  Wolves also travel in packs that consist of two parent wolves and cubs three years of age and under.  It is not uncommon for other adult wolves to join the pack.

The average life span of a wolf is 6 to 8 years.  Wolves travel a lot, on average they can travel from 10 to 30 miles per day in search for food.  They mainly hunt for large animals such as deer, moose, elk, and sheep.

Wolves are known for their strength and hunting ability.  Many people who choose to have a wolf tattoo do so as a symbol of strength.

The wolf tattoo is very detailed and can take multiple sessions to complete.  These tattoos often look better on the shoulder or back because of their size.

Wolves are depicted in several ways throughout different cultures.  Celtic mythology shows the wolf eating the sun, which is why we have night time.  The wolf is a sacred animal in the Norse mythology.

Like many other animals, wolves come in a variety of color and size.  The wolf population is at its highest in North America, Europe, and Asia.  Many of the dogs that are native to these areas strongly resemble the wolf.

Wolf tattoos can be done in all black outlines, or can incorporate color as well.  If color is used in the wolf tattoo, it is usually a muted tone.  There are not many pink and purple wolves roaming around in the wilderness.

wolf tattoo on chestWolf tattoos, like all other tattoos, can be customized to represent something special about the person.  There are several existing designs, or you may want to consider designing your own.  The advantage of designing your own tattoo is that you can make it specific to you beliefs and desires.  By designing your wolf, you can make it say exactly what you want.

The wolf truly is a majestic animal.  It is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time and wolves make great tattoo designs.

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