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You Can Have Wings With An Angel Wings Tattoo

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angel wings tattoosIf you ever wanted to just fly away from your troubles or wished people saw you for the angel you truly are, then an angel wings tattoo might be something worth looking into as an investment.  True, you cannot really fly, but if you find the right artist, you can leave with wings so detailed and true to realism that anyone watching you walking away would think you might at any moment take flight and aim for the skies.

What you might find interesting is nowhere in the bible does it say that angels even have wings.  In the old and new testament of the bible, angels interact with mankind to impart the word of God, but they look in those descriptions very much like mortals except for having a glow about them.  It is possible that when artists were faced with representing angels, they borrowed the wings from Greek representations of Hermes or Cupid, who also served at times as messengers and were equipped with wings for this purpose.

For whatever reason, the image of wings is now firmly established in the public consciousness so much so that the type of wings typically given to angels is so strongly associated with them that any time a pair of long white human-sized feathery wings are spotted, they are immediately identified with angels.

The first place you might think to put your angel wing tattoo is on your back. This is good since if you want to go for a full length set you will need all the space you can get.  Starting with little tuffs at your shoulders and spreading down with detailed feathers to reach a spoon tail on each wing is really a breathtaking tattoo.

For something small you can have a pair of angel wings on your lower back. Here it goes great with some Gothic script or Celtic wording.  If you are stuck for wording you might find a few ideas in the symbolism of angel wings such as, of course, a wish to fly.  It can also mean you want to do good by the world in general, are dedicated to your faith, or that you’re committed to your friends and family. Angel’s wings are also sometimes used in memoriam tattoos expressing grief at the loss of a family member or telling the word of your belief that loved ones watch over you from heaven.

You can have angel’s wings anywhere you want as long as there is space for detail since the wings really must have room to display the feathers well to truly have the effect.

You can of course find your own place and your own reason for having the wings.  You can discuss your ideas with your tattoo artist and look at other designs to get a good idea of what you want.

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