5 Helpful Tips On Finding The Right Tattoo Placement

Tattoo Placement

Whether it is your first tattoo or your 10th, deciding on the right location for your next tattoo can be even more difficult than choosing the tattoo. There are so many variables that come into play when making this decision that it can seem a little overwhelming. But, if you take the time to consider some of the most important questions like symbolism and style, then you are one step closer to your dream tattoo.

Stick around to learn some valuable tips and tricks regarding the importance of tattoo placement and how you can make a confident choice that leaves you will full creative expression.

Why Does Tattoo Placement Matter?

So, why does tattoo placement even matter? Choosing the right location or proper tattoo placement can make or break a tattoo. The wrong location can turn a great tattoo into an artistic nightmare. Not only does this have ramifications to aesthetic value, but it can diminish the significance of the tattoo.

You should always consult with your tattoo artist on this subject. As artists and professionals at their craft, they know a lot more about tattoos than you do. They have created and witnessed tons of tattoos and might even have placement suggestions you never considered. Find an artist you can trust and respect and ask them for their two cents.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tattoo Placement

Below are five different things to consider when picking out the location for your next tattoo. Some of these might not hold importance to you, and others might open your eyes and force you to reconsider some things. When it comes down to it, the choice for where your tattoo goes is ultimately up to you and whatever you feel is the best way to express yourself.

Shape & Size of the Tattoo

The size of the tattoo is a major factor to consider when choosing the placement of a tattoo. The size matching the location might seem like a no-brainer, but it is not always obvious. For example, let’s say you want to get a dragon tattoo in the Japanese style, and you want it placed on your leg.

Tattoo Sizing

The best route would be to consider the size and shape of your tattoo with your body. The dragon can flow with the natural curves of your body, which will make the tattoo look more seamless, almost like it naturally belongs there.

Tattoo Styles

The style works similarly to shape and size because certain tattoo styles also come with particular placements that are near-perfect combinations. All this means is that some tattoo styles work better with specific places on the body, almost like the tattoo was supposed to be there.

Smaller, daintier tattoos, for example, look great on specific parts of the body like behind the ear, on the wrist, fingers, ankle, and rib cage but, you are not limited to just those regions alone if you want a dainty tattoo.

Color Flower Tattoo

Symbolism & Placement Meaning

The symbolism behind your tattoo–universal or personal–can also be a key element when deciding on the right location for your next tattoo. Placing a symbolic tattoo in the wrong place can distort the overall meaning or dissipate the impact. In this same vein, the reversal is also true.

New Tattoos

Some tattoo placements come with preset symbolism and meaning on their own, for example, a tattoo placed near your heart or on your ring finger. Placing tattoos in those regions while symbolizing the opposite idea, unless purposefully done, can degrade the overall value of the tattoo.

Tattoo Pain Tolerance & Length of Time

If you are new to tattoos, then listen up. One of the most important things to consider is the level of pain associated with different parts of the body and your pain tolerance.

Consider how long it will take for the tattoo. If you have low pain tolerance but want a large tattoo, be sure to schedule it over multiple sessions. You should also make sure it is in a place where the pain is manageable, especially for long periods. Breaking upthe process into separate sessions does not necessarily lessen the pain unless there is significant time between sessions and the tattoo can heal.

Tattoo Location

Tattoo Visibility

This tip is pretty straightforward. Depending on your job or lifestyle, this might be the most important question you ask yourself. Does it need to be hidden for work? Can it still be visible but covered up when needed? Whether or not a tattoo can be visible varies from person to person, and it comes down to your career choices and personal expression.

Wrapping Things Up

Ultimately, the final decision of the placement for your next tattoo is up to you and your artist. The important thing to do is weigh the factors that matter to you and spend time thinking past the tattoo to the overall picture of it as a permanent piece of art on your body. The beauty of tattoos comes from the complete and utter freedom to express yourself in either a single piece of art or a collective grouping of unique tattoos to tell the story of you.

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