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Funny Food Designs Tattoos

Tattoos aren’t always serious. Some people say that your tattoos should “have meaning” but if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to let life get too serious then why not get something funny instead? There’s loads of amusing designs to fit your humor, some cheesier than others. Need a good laugh? Check out some of these ideas.

The Blue Parrot

If you’re a fan of Monty Python then you know the “dead parrot” skit. Monty Python has appealed to so many that it’s got quite a cult following and there’s plenty of material to choose from. Whether you’re getting a “Holy Hand Grenade” or a tattoo that says “I’m not the Messiah!” you’ll have a lot of laughs from a tattoo based off Monty Python skits.


There’s so many taco jokes out there that it’s almost too much to taco ’bout. Get it? Whether it’s a thug taco, a taco eating itself, or the taco from Sausage Party. Tacos are a fun thing to get and they’re easy to customize and make into whatever you want. Cartoonish tacos are the easiest to customize and make into some sort of unique character.


Need a joke about a cock? Chicken, cock, plenty of things funny about that. You’ve probably seen the chicken head on someone’s leg, the chicken head with a piercing through it, or hanging in a noose, any dirty joke you can think of means that you can illustrate it with a chicken.

Mix Ups

There’s a new trend of mixing two different designs and styles of work together to create one image. Both tattoos are cut and pasted together like a collage only it looks wacky! Think a colorful Alice in Wonderland with black and gray boobs, A cartoon of Garfield’s eyes with a real cat’s ears, mouth and body. Mash ups of any two completely unrelated but totally makes sense together images.

Common Food Faves

Whether it’s chicken nuggets and Szechuan sauce, Pickle Rick, candy hearts, cheese, anything that foodies have created a cult following for you can make a tattoo of it. Preferably with a pithy saying like “nugz and hugs”, “cheezin’” or something equally sentimental.

Sloths, Unicorns, Nyan Cat

There are many cult images these days. They’re cute, funny, and there’s plenty of material to work with. Whether it’s a sloth saying “hang tight”, a unicorn with a blade strapped to it’s horn saying “I will cut you”, or something else you’ll find plenty of inspiration on tumblr, reddit, and most other reblogging sites. There’s always things like “the dress” which will work too, but things like that tend to become dated quickly and in a few years people may not know what it’s for or find it funny.

Sloth mood 🔴

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Where’s Waldo? Somewhere on your body. Everyone remembers this character from childhood so it’s pretty much guaranteed to make a smile. Put it somewhere creative where it’s least expected so he suddenly “pops out” for maximum effect. You can also hide him among your other tattoos as well so it’s a good small space filler.

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