Hot List 2017: Best Tattoo Artists in the World

Awesome Tattoo Artists

Tattooing has evolved so much in the past few decades the amount of tattoo artists is booming, and the level of talent has skyrocketed. Many tattoo artists aren’t just masters of tattooing but are fine artists in their own right with gallery shows, and media outside of the skin. Tattooing is big business, and famous business too.

Mirko Sata

His line work, simplicity, and simple color schemes make a visual effect that is striking and unique. His work uses mythological symbolism and has many recurrent themes like transformation, healing, and rebirth. His yin yang snake tattoo with a black and white combination of lines is breathtaking and one of the better known tattoos of 2016.

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His mathematical and geometric patterns rival those of any of the other well known geometric greats. His work, entirely in black and gray is entirely dot work, partially because he believes that dots age better than lines and that high contrast makes a tattoo last better. He holds his work to a standard of ethics and will not tattoo geometrics with meaning unless the client knows and understands them.

Michael Taguet

Arguably the biggest name in French tattooing he works with hyperrealism to create tattoos that not only look like photographs but look like the real deal. While he’s only been working 8 years he has committed fully to portraiture for the last two and has multiple awards in that niche. Most of the time he just gives the award to the customer.

Mr. K

A Japanese artist that has created an air of mysticism about himself thanks to his moniker and refusal to show his face online. Originally a graphic designer he decided he hated the thought of sitting in front of a desk all day. His art is inspired by street culture and he has been a fan of tattoos long before he was a tattoo artist. His work uses ultra fine lines, and exquisite detail.

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Gerhard Wiesbeck

Another geometric artist, he specializes primarily in blackout tattoos where the skin is left blank in a pattern rather than the tattoo being the pattern. His work reflects traditional tribal and spiritual pieces with many clients becoming full body canvases.

Rit Kit

An artist whose popularity exploded last year for her unique method of tattooing. Her first feature saw her ink go viral thanks to her using the actual leaves of plants to create the very stencils of the tattoo she was about to do. By dipping the leaves in stencil ink and then pressing them directly onto the skin she creates her designs without a single drawing.

Stanisław Wilczynski

A computer programmer that uses mostly geometrics in he most simple and basic designs. Some of his pieces are literally two or three abstract lines. His style is known as Suprematism and is ultraminimalistic. He links his work to a transcendence into the spiritual and zen state of being.

Frank Carrilho

A tattoo artists whose style is reminiscent of lithographs and ink sketches. His moving lines and “chaotic” style is reminiscent of many sketch artists and many times his designs almost seem unfinished. He prides himself on not having any rules for his work, and according to him his fame is just due to instagram.

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