Fruit Tattoo Designs

When most people think of tattoos, fruit usually is not the first thing that comes to mind.  Nevertheless, fruit tattoo designs are pretty popular these days. There are thousands of designs that can be found on the internet that feature fruit.  Many people choose to get fruit tattoos because they appreciate the symbolism behind them. Fruit is considered to be nature’s gift to us, in some ways, as it is traditionally been believed to hold the seeds of life.

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Many religions and myths around the world feature some sort of fruit story. Everyone knows about the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. In old, Norse religions, the goddess Idunna was the keeper of the golden apples, which were believed to have been the secret of eternal life for the gods.  n ancient Roman times, the pomegranate represented the sacredness of marriage. The Romans also associated the pear with the goddess of love, Venus.

One constant feature about fruit that has always been noted is that it is healthiest things we can put in our bodies. In fact, fruit has been considered to be “miracle cures” for pretty much every ailment known to humankind. In folk medicine, lime and lemon are considered to be “cure all” miracle fruits.  And we all know that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Different fruits have different meanings. Here are some meanings of various fruits for you to take into consideration when choosing your fruit tattoo designs:

  • Strawberry – love, good health
  • Cherry – fertility, festivity, fortune
  • Banana – goodness
  • Apple knowledge, wisdom, peace
  • Fig – wisdom, vigor
  • Pear – femininity
  • Orange – health, strength
  • Grapes – good luck, fortune, happiness

Pretty much every fruit has a positive meaning. It seems that everything associated with any type of fruit is positive. Thus, fruit tattoo designs tend to be bright and colorful.

Some people prefer to get just one, tiny tattoo of a piece of fruit, while others want something bigger or an assortment of smaller images. Cherry tattoos are pretty popular among women these days.  While cherries are traditionally red, tattoo designs can depict them being any color or a mixture of colors. Someone looking for a simple design can get a pair of cherries colored in red with green leaves.

Sometimes other elements are included with this type of design, such as lucky numbers, hearts and four leaf clovers. Obviously, many people see cherries as a sign of luck and fortune.  After all, they are common slot machine symbols, and slot machines require luck to win! It is also pretty common to see the colors integrated into the overall design of the tattoo in order to create an intricate background.

Whatever fruit tattoo designs you are thinking about getting, make sure you do your research first. Make sure your choice reflects your personality. You can look online at tattoo galleries to get some ideas and inspiration. Print some designs out that you like and take them to your tattoo artist.


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