Author: Debi Sanders

Tattoo Fine Art

Is Tattooing Considered Fine Art?

It's no secret that tattooing is becoming more accepted, but while it's been a valid art form for thousands of years the legitimacy of it as “art” has often been laughed at. Tattooing has come a long …

Hand Tattoo Designs

Why Are Hand Tattoos So Popular?

There used to be a time when hand tattoos were taboo. If you weren't in the industry you did NOT get tattoos anywhere near your hands. A hand tattoo is often referred to as a “job stopper”. The reason…

Dog memorial Tattoos

Dog Memorial Tattoos

Pet's are family and being able to remember them in ink is no different than that cross you might get for Grandma when she passes. Memorial tattoos are very personal, and your pet is just as special. …

Relationship Tattoos

Best Couples Tattoos

“Is that a name? Wow, that's pretty permanent, guess you're stuck with each other.” Name tattoos are so passé. Once upon a time it was corny and cute to get your lover's name on you and that has le…

Rose Tattoo Meaning

The Many Meanings of Rose Tattoos

Roses are one of the most common tattoo ideas, and while they might be considered cliché that hasn't stopped their popularity one bit. Roses often make us think of romance and relationships but there'…

Best Tattoo Shops in United States

Top Tattoo Shops in the US

It seems like every town has at least one tattoo shop these days. If you're struggling to make a decision where to get tattooed then finding out which are really the best can not only save you time an…