2 Aug

Looking for baby dragon tattoos?

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I have seen flash art at a local tattoo parlor, but I don’t really like the parlor they are in. I asked if I could purchase them but the owner told me that was not possible. The Flash was of baby dragons. One was eating a cookie(purple), one was breathing fire(green), and one was just laying down(grayish). I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find these.

10 Jun

Beautiful Tattoo Inspiration

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Many people see tattoos and get inspired by either their beauty of their meaning. Many tattoos are done because they mean a lot to the person who is getting the tattoo done. Some tattoos are done because they got inspired by someone else’s work. It is important to find the meaning of the beautiful tattoo design that is being chosen. If you choose a symbol or a traditional picture to have tattooed on your body, it is important to have a sense of inspiration from that tattoo. A tattoo with inspiration behind it will have more meaning that a tattoo that was done just because ‘it looked cool’.

Tattooing is a form of art that will stay with you for the rest of your lift. Getting inspiration for a particular tattoo is important so that you still like the tattoo even years down the road. One story of being inspired to get a tattoo is the passing of a loved one. I was just at a house of a young girl who has just a few days to live, she is 11 years old. Her dad has tons of tattoos all over his arms, but you can bet that he will find room on his body to get a loving tattoo of his daughter if she passes away. Short of a miracle she will pass away at any time.

The hardest part of a tattoo is finding that inspiration to get it. When a loved one passes away its much easier to get a tattoo in their name. It’s sad but this is a way that many people deal with a death in the family.

The arms, wrists and chest are the most common places to put a tattoo of this type.

18 Dec

Why Do People Get Full Body Tattoos, They Are Totally Ugly

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I cannot see the attraction in marking up your body with ugly markings. I have never seen a tattoo that is attractive. Well, ok, maybe like a small rose flower or something benign. But those entire arms, chest, torso covering tattoos are just plain ugly to me.

Opinions or explanations of why they are obtained would be interesting to me.

17 Dec

Do Ambigram Tattoos Age Quickly?

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Do ambigram tattoos age badly? I don’t have any tattoos or know of anyone that has a tattoo, but I really want to get one. The Ambigram design is my favorite and I had a friend design one for me. I was just asking cause I’m thinking of getting “regret’”nothing” on my inner forearm.

16 Dec

Best Sites For All Kinds Of Tattoo Pictures?

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I was just interested in looking at some tattoos online such as back tattoos and wrist ones and all different kinds just to get some ideas and a feel for them.

Does anyone know of a website that has all kinds of pictures of tattoos? This is a great site, they just need more pictures!



15 Dec

Where To Find Dragon Tattoos….?

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Anyone know of a good place I can check out back pieces of dragon tattoos? I have already been to google, yahoo, photobucket and maybe a few other common websites but haven’t found what I am looking for.

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