Why Are Hand Tattoos So Popular?

Hand Tattoo Designs

There used to be a time when hand tattoos were taboo. If you weren’t in the industry you did NOT get tattoos anywhere near your hands. A hand tattoo is often referred to as a “job stopper”. The reason behind this is that it’s not possible to cover it up and it’s often seen as unprofessional looking in the business world. Yet every day tons of people are now getting their hands tattooed.

It’s Popular

One of the reasons they’re popular is because of their own popularity. The more visible they are the more likely people are to consider that space for their own designs. It’s very much like seeing an outfit you like on a celebrity and then wanting to get it yourself. This is also why facial tattoos have become more common, especially when they’re so visible on sites like Pinterest.


Speaking of celebs, many celebs are now heavily tattooed which includes fingers, hands and faces. These celebs are literally covered in tattoos so it’s not really surprising that people want to copy their idols. Even 5 years ago hand tattoos really hadn’t taken off beyond the metal and rap scenes but now even many models have visible hand tattoos without any others.

It’s Acceptable

While in some states (South Carolina) it’s still illegal to tattoo hands and faces most places don’t have such laws anymore and most shops have no reason not to do them. While your job may still have a tattoo policy it’s much less common these days because so many people are tattooed. It’s expected that clients know the risks and dangers that come with having a permanently visible tattoo so as long as you can pay for it then most shops will be happy to do it. By hand tattoos being so visible they’re also becoming much more socially acceptable so it’s less likely to be commented on than it would have been 10 years ago.

It’s Cute

Small, minimalist tattoos are in, which means big areas like backs, thighs, and arms are out unless you want a lonely looking tattoo. The hands are full of small areas which means they’re the perfect size for smaller designs.

It’s Visible

With tattoos being more acceptable people want to show their body art off. That means that visible areas are becoming more popular than those that can be covered up. It’s natural to want to show off your ink – you paid for it, its pretty, and you’re proud of it! With less reasons to cover your tattoos up these days why not get your hands tattooed.

Should you get your hands tattooed?

You’ll find that there are plenty of people who regret making the decision to tattoo their hands. While it would be nice if tattoos were acceptable everywhere some jobs still have problems with such visible ink. The military, for example, has a policy on visible body art. If you’re not sure it’s best to check first before making the costly decision to get tattooed.

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