7 Crazy Tattoo Laws You Never Knew

7 Crazy Tattoo Laws

While we live in the western world we take certain freedoms for granted. Like being able to get tattooed, or to simply walk into a tattoo parlor. While it’s a given that some regulations are obvious (no children getting tattooed, no tattooing animals etc) there are others you may have never come across.

1. No Hands/Facial Tattoos

Denmark made it illegal in 1966 to tattoo someone’s hands, neck or face. While this might seem extreme the current government is willing to rewrite the law because it’s about the individual’s right to decide. Despite this, many have simply gone to other countries or had it done anyway since it’s rarely something that gets prosecuted.

2. No Age Limit

Ireland has no legal tattooing laws which means that anyone can get tattooed at any age with or without parental consent. Fortunately, most parlors are smart enough to refuse silly ideas and to make clients wait until they’re at least 16-17 before getting anything permanent.

3. No Tattoos

In Dubai it is completely illegal to tattoo anyone. At least you won’t have to fret about your new tattoo getting sun exposure! In Iran it’s legal to get tattooed but Islamic law makes it illegal to show off your body art. Some cities in the US also have similar laws banning tattoo parlors, Newport News in Virginia for example. South Carolina recently made it illegal to get tattooed or to operate a tattoo parlor outside of the city of Myrtle Beach, though it’s likely this will be contested. Until recently Oklahoma also did not allow tattooing at all.

4. No Eyeliner

In the state of Georgia it’s illegal to tattoo within an inch of the eye socket which means no permanent make up, microblading, brows, or any cosmetic procedures. Georgia also does not allow tattoo parlors to operate on Sundays.

5. Married Patrons ONLY

In Iowa you may only get a tattoo under the age of 18 if you’re married. According to the national Legislature you can’t get tattooed at all, even with a parents permission under 18 unless you’ve said “I do”.

6. Doctor Supervision

In Hawaii, you can get your eyelids and ears tattooed only under doctor supervision. It’s required for a registered physician to supervise these tattoos, whether that actually happens or not is debatable, but it means that all permanent cosmetics must be done by licensed, certified physicians rather than specialists. In Wisconsin you can’t get tattooed at all unless it’s for medical purposes. In Japan tattooing can only legally be done by a doctor but this is generally ignored and you will find several big name artists that live and work in Japan.

7. No Bikers

In Australia, Adelaide recently made it illegal to own a tattoo parlor if you’re a member of a motorcycle club in an attempt to crack down on gang activity. This applies to their associates too.

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