Author: Debi Sanders

Teens & Tattoos

Help! My Teenager Wants a Tattoo

Thanks to social media and the proliferation of photos we're bombarded with the everyday fact that over 80% of the adult population under 30 is tattooed is a big thing. Most of these are ordinary peop…

Funny Food Designs Tattoos

Funny Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Tattoos aren't always serious. Some people say that your tattoos should “have meaning” but if you're the type of person who doesn't like to let life get too serious then why not get something funny in…

Survivors Ink

Charity Tattoos: Survivors Ink

When most tattoo enthusiasts think about their tattoos they have good memories or cathartic ones from using the experience to get out some of their issues. Tattoos now have a pretty good connotation f…