Badass Female Tattoo Artists of 2018

Women Tattoo Artists

International Women’s day has been big news this year. 2018 is all about girl power and while only a third of the artists in the US are women that’s still a massive number compared to a decade ago. With all female tattoo conventions becoming more popular you can find a woman tattooing in most shops these days. Shows like Miami Ink brought about a new generation of tattoo artists who pushed into a male dominated industry and have thrived. Women artists are in hot demand both by women and men and here are some of the best:

Alex Strangler

Based in LA, this lady works out of a private studio and is very discerning about her clients. She requires a minimum of 3 months in advance for an appointment as well as a consultation and will not tattoo several body parts. Her style is cartoonish, bright, colorful, and almost reminiscent of the 80s. Most of her work centers around cartoon characters with a New School palette. The artist herself is gorgeous too.

Angelique Houtkamp

Specializing in Neo Traditional, the lady’s work is colorful, clean, and popular. She’s based in Amsterdam NL and books about 2 months ahead. Her work with that of breast cancer survivors where she does realistic nipple reconstruction has also put her on the map as a philanthropist.

Kate Mackay Gill

If you can’t get in with the iconic Teresa Sharpe then Kate Mackay Gill is definitely a close second. Her style is very similar, with perhaps a little darker feel to the Neo Traditional vibe. She’s based in Brighton UK and is an appointment only girl. Kate works on impressive texturing and colors with very ornate designs that center around animals and nature.

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Erin Chance

Out of Richmond Virginia, this lady has a Neo Traditional soul but a realists touch. Her work is a combination of fantasy and realism with smooth color tones, dainty lines, and you can definitely see the influence of her partner Teresa Sharpe though her work is softer and less reliant on linework. Her designs are wholly custom and as far as personalities go she’s a pretty humble gal.

Laura Juan

One of the favorites from the London Tattoo Convention this artist has a semi realistic style that is colorful and dramatic. She does a lot of portraits and hyper-realism with most people asking her for big pieces. Her images have a surreal quality about them whether they’re black and gray or color and she can be found at conventions all over the world. She’s based in Madrid but frequently goes to conventions.

Claire Clarity

This Aussie has some killer Neo Traditional work with bold colors, stunning lines, and smooth fades. Her work is wholly custom and she tends to lean towards thicker lines and more pastel shades. Her favorite thing is pet portraits and you’ll see a huge share of pet pooches in her feed.

Hannah Aitchison

Possibly one of the best tattoo pin up artists of all time. She’s extremely talented and has been on TV several times for her work. She works out of PA and has a New School style that is full of color and bold images.

Liz Cook

The best for last. Liz Cook is the top of female tattooing. The queen of photorealism, neo trad, portraits, there’s nothing this lady can’t handle. Her signature is roses and she has her own line of tattoo inks and a huge following. Her style is all of it’s own with some images looking so real you could reach out and touch them. Catch her at a convention or at her home studio of Rebel Muse in Texas.

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