Should I Get Face Tattoos?

Face Tattoo

Even if you have lots of tattoos, most people do not get face tattoos.They are complicated in placement, painful, stigma and will no doubt affect your future. It’s a very, very visible statement. Keep reading to find out more, and figure out whether a face tattoo is what you really want!

The Stigma Behind Face Tattoos

The reason for this is that even if culture is changing, the majority of jobs do not like you to have visible tattoos and facial tattoos are very hard to cover. There is stigma still about having tattoos, especially facial tattoos. Many people who work in the tattoo industry have facial tattoos because they can, they’re never going to fail to get hired because they have a visible tattoo.

Be warned, people WILL look at you differently. Facial tattoos are still pretty unusual which means you’re likely to get stared at and judged.

Facial Tattoos in Tribal Styles

There’s a lot of reasons you might get a face tattoo – culture being one of the biggest. Many cultures use facial tattoos to determine their place in a tribe or the person’s accomplishments. Tribal tattoos which cover the chin and lower face are very common in many Pacific islands.

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Would You Get Advertisement Face Tattoos?

One of the most controversial reasons people get a face tattoo is sponsorship. It started as a joke decades ago where people would get logos tattooed on them sponsored by the company. Now people literally sell portions of their skin to get tattooed with a company logo and the company pays for it! Billy Gibby is one of the most famous human billboards and has multiple logos on his face and cheeks. He has sold space on his skin for as much as $1000 which in turn gets him and the company publicity. Most companies that are willing to do this tend to be either gambling or porn sites though so think carefully before you get excited about a free tattoo.

Another famous tattooed face is Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy. His face is tattooed like a skull with the cranium sheared off to reveal his brain. In fact, his entire body is covered in tattoo work. His facial tattoo has become his trademark and it’s what has made his career as an artist and model. The same is true of the Dutch woman Kimberly Vlaeminck who got stars tattooed across her face, no one will forget her face anytime soon and she got her 15 minutes of fame from it.

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Should I Wait Before Getting Face Tattoos?

As with any tattoo, facial designs are very much open to your own personal style. I have had to promise my husband to wait until I’m at least 40 (10 years at the time) before I would get the facial tattoos I want. I’m planning very simple, small, mandalas in gray on my forehead and in front of my ears. I don’t want anything excessive. In gray they will be light and coverable with good makeup if necessary. I understand why he wants me to wait. It is a big decision. One that will affect how people look at me and us the rest of our lives especially in a professional setting. I’m comfortable with it, he wants time to get used to it. I can wait.

What about you? Are considering getting face tattoos? Or is it your own tattoo deal breaker? Let us know all about your opinion!

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