Ladies Tattoo Convention Luxemburg (28 - 29th October)

Ladies Tattoo Convention Luxemburg 28-29th October

There are plenty of ladies only events popping up now, from the Florida convention to the UK it seems that tattooed women are not only hot, but are becoming more and more a part of the industry. 15 years ago women were still infrequent, now there’s a female in almost every shop and this convention celebrates that. The Storm, as the convention is known, has 130 artists all of whom are women and a portion of entry fees are donated to Europa Donna a women’s charity. Visitors are also offered a free glass of champagne or sparkling wine. This is also one of the cheapest conventions, with entry a mere 12 euros for the entire weekend.

Artists include a huge selection of styles including portraits, horror, watercolor, geometric, and realism. The events of the day are still a secret, and won’t be released until just before the event goes live, keeping visitors in anticipation right up until the last minute. The Mia dolls, Lucky Hell, and Fanny Maurer will all be performing. The events also include a few awards, though these are nowhere near as extensive as most conventions with only 3 or 4 awards available so competition is extremely tough. While women are the only ones working, anyone can attend.

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