A Quick Guide to Memorial Tattoos

Memorial Tattoos

What better way to remember the amazing lives of loved ones than with a tattoo to commemorate them! From a simple date on your wrist of their birth, an image that reminds you of them every time you see it, or a photo realistic image of them, you have hundreds of options. It can be hard to figure out which one is the best fit for you and the memory of the person or animal you’d you like to remember. Here are some important things to keep in mind when picking out the image that will remind you of them for the rest of your life.

Common Motifs to Consider

Memorial tattoos are already hugely popular and often draw upon the same themes and imagery. Here are a couple that you might like to put your own twist on or introduce into a larger tattoo or sleeve.Dates – of birth, death, etc – their name or nicknames, banners, photos of them specifically, crosses and religious iconography like angels or rosaries, wings, hands and hearts.

Make it Personal

While all these images are common in memorial tattoos you can always choose to go a more unique route away from the traditional. A good point of reference is to choose a point in their life or relationship with you that sticks out as a good memory or one that you’d like to remember them by. Did they spend their life writing books? Maybe they were in the Navy or perhaps you have fond memories of them on family holidays at the beach. Make it personal by drawing on your memories as inspiration.

It Doesn’t Have to be Obvious!

When getting a memorial tattoo, remember this is still a big part of your own body. Don’t feel pressured to get your loved ones face or their entire name inked on your body because it’s common practice for a memorial tattoo.

Other people don’t have to understand it! If you think that getting a Dia de Los Muertos skull tattooed on your body with the Mexican word for father will always remind you of your beloved father and is something you love, do it!

Double Check Names or phrases!

Whether you’re getting a memorial tattoo or not, it’s always good practice to double or triple check you have the spelling, grammar, any dates and names correct. Nothing could ruin a memorial tattoo more than a misspelt name.

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Find the Right Artist for Photo Realistic Memorial Images

If you’ve decided that the way you want to remember them is by having their face drawn incredibly detailed on your body, make sure you find a tattoo artist that won’t screw it up. It can be heartbreaking to realize you have a face that doesn’t look like your grandmother at all tattooed on you for good.

Are you considering getting a memorial tattoo? What is most important to you when creating a tattoo design that reminds you a loved one? Let us know!

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