Science Says People With Tattoos Have These Things in Common

Common Traits of People with Tattoos

Tattooing is like a club, if you have a tattoo then you’re probably going to have a friend in someone else with a tattoo, after all, you’ve got something in common. There’s loads of reasons why you might be friends with someone else tattooed if you have tattoos but when such a big strata of society now having tattoos is there anything that can connect literally anyone asides from ink?


Statistically people who have tattoos have a temper. They’re quicker to anger, and they’re more likely to exhibit behaviors that are defined as “aggressive”. In 2015 a university study almost 400 people were ranked with behaviors that were aggressive or non aggressive. The reasoning behind the findings is thought to stem from the fact that tattoos are still seen as rebellious, especially in youth.

Men are Sexier

According to a variety of different dating studies “chicks dig tattoos”. Men that have tattoos are seen as more masculine and therefore sexier. Studies have shown that hormonally, women are attracted during their cycle to perceived masculinity as a ranking of whether a man is suitable as a mate.

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Stronger Immune System

Tattoos have been shown to make you healthier. Well, not exactly. Tattooing is a stress on the body, and the experience opens the door for pathogens and nasties to cause an infection which the body has to fight against. Tattoos strengthen the immune system by challenging it to deal with the damage. You’ll be less likely to get a cold and other small sicknesses if you’ve been tattooed.

Less Sweaty

A study this year concluded that those who have tattoos sweat less and that their sweat is chemically different than those who are not tattooed. The reason for this could be because the darker tone of the ink acts as a sort of sunblock or filter that works to block salt molecules passing out of the skin and keeps the body cooler.

Less Hirable

Tattoos unfortunately have been proven to affect your chances of having a job. Most of the world is becoming more lenient towards tattoos and visible body art but there are still fields where a tattoo is going to make an employer think twice. You may even not get hired simply because of a tattoo for certain jobs like the secret service or modeling.


While it’s an odd statistic, people who have tattoos have been shown to consume more alcohol than those without. There’s no information on whether that’s overall or each person, but it seems like there’s something in the belief that “cool kids” who drink are also tattooed. French scientists have found evidence that shows heavier alcoholism in the tattooed population.

Vaccine Booster

For the last 10 years science has been developing new methods of getting vaccines into the skin. Using DNA vaccines and tattooing they’ve been able to better stimulate the immune system and because there’s no ink the tattoo isn’t permanent. Companies are still researching this type of vaccine so it will be years before this technology becomes mainstream.

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