Top Twelve Tattoos that are Trending in 2017!

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If you look back at trendy tattoos from ten years ago or even two years ago the style and look has changed so much! Two years ago we were all about teeny finger tattoos in occult symbols, and then we were all about watercolour tattoos and their magical artsy style. What’s next? Read on to find out some of our predictions for trendy tattoo styles that will be huge this year!

1. Teeny Tattoos

It seems we’re still not over finger tattoos – how could we, they’re so cool! But this tiny tattoo is taking a trip to other fragile parts of the body such as the ankles, backs of the legs, wrists and necks!

Pro tip: you might think it’s a low investment to get a tiny tattoo but think again. Depending on where you get these guys they can sometimes take extra aftercare to make sure they don’t blur!

2. Bella Thorne’s 93’

Speaking of teeny tattoos, we’re in love with Bella Thorn’s tiny 93′ in pink she has tattooed on her forearm.

3. Minimalist Tattoos

Teeny tattoos can be even more complex than larger pieces, but minimalist tattoos are all about staying simple with a line or two! Whether it’s a line that crosses your entire stomach or a small geometric design on your wrist minimalist tattoos can really accentuate eccentric and interesting outfits or play up your own simplistic style.

You don’t need to work hard to pull them off!

4. Inking the Ribcage

The placement can hurt, but it’s totally worth it!

5. The Hip!

As for placement, there’s one place that’s blowing up at the moment and that’s getting tattooed on your hip. This is perfect for those of you who would want to hide your ink, but still want something sexy and interesting that you can show off with the right shorts or the right cut out dress.

6. Script Tattoos

Do these ever go out of style?

We love ‘em, just make sure you double check any spelling or quotes!

7. An Arm Band or Two!

Straight out of the minimalist textbook is the look of a straight line wrapping the arm or wrist. These tattoos are so beautiful in their simplicity, but they can be hard to get right! Make sure you pick a tattoo artist who’s experienced in line work.

8. Geometric Designs

We’ve mentioned geometric designs a couple times in this post already. They’re interesting whether in black and white or splashed with watercolour. If you’re looking for something up-to-date but that you can make entire your own, geometric designs are for you!

9. Feather Tattoos!

You don’t have to be a bohemian to rock a feather tattoo. They’re delicate and detailed. Just check out Demi Lovato’s detailed rib tattoo.

10. Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolour tattoos have been killing it over the last few years! It’s no wonder why. It creates such a contrast when layered over line work to give it a delicate and colourful touch.

11. Kendall Jenner’s White Dot

Last year Kylie Jenner had a white dot tattooed on her finger and we love it!

12. Animal Imagery

From cuddly, photo-realistic, old-school style wolves or a scripted name of your favourite pet, we’re seeing animal imagery everywhere!

What tattoo styles or celebrity ink are you loving for 2017?

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