Dog Memorial Tattoos

Dog memorial Tattoos

Pet’s are family and being able to remember them in ink is no different than that cross you might get for Grandma when she passes. Memorial tattoos are very personal, and your pet is just as special. Getting tattooed is a common way of easing the pain when you’re feeling emotional and there’s nothing more difficult than struggling through the loss of your best friend.

Paw Prints

If you ask your vet nicely they will often do a print of your doggos paw with some ink on paper. This is just like a finger print – it’s unique, and no other dog has the same footprint. A pawprint is something you can do yourself too at home before they pass. Just get some kid friendly non-toxic paint like tempera and put a little on their paw pad then press it to some paper. Don’t forget to wash their paw afterwards!
Even if you don’t get your dogs actual paw then you can just get a simple generic dog print, this can also be done really small if you’re trying to save space.


Portraits are also quite a popular choice but it’s important to remember that whatever artist you choose needs to be skilled enough to do them. Portraits are quite specialized so finding an artist who is skilled in realism is essential (and they’re not cheap). A good portrait tattoo costs upwards of $300 and you’ll need a good clear photo of your dog. Make sure you check artists portfolios and look at prior examples of their portrait work to see if they’re capable.


“A dog is man’s best friend”
“Paw prints in my heart”
“A dog will teach you unconditional love”
There are many great quotes about dogs, and whether it’s something personal or just general there are many ways to make it unique to your dog. Add their initials, maybe a small sketch of their favorite toy, or make the quote into a shape like a heart or an infinity. Keep in mind that letters can’t be too tiny or they won’t age well.

Dog Silhouette

Silhouettes are a cute and easy way to picture your pet without a lot of detail. There are also designs that include a figure of a person and a dog which work well. Even if you don’t want a silhouette to be solid black an outline will work just as well. The great thing about these is that they don’t have to be big because you’re not adding details to them. You can even draw around your dogs picture to create their exact silhouette.


While it’s a rather cliché choice names and dates always work when it comes to memorials. They’re not very imaginative, but they’re simple, small and will still remind you of your treasured pet.

If your pet has a fun name you can use their name to create the tattoo idea. For example if your dog’s name was Pancake or Flapjack why not do a small tattoo of a stack? Or, if your dog’s name was Iris a small iris flower would be appropriate.

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