5 Tattoo Ideas to Honor Your Kids

Tattoos for your Kids

Many people choose to get tattoos for their kids. They might get baby handprints, footprints, or even kids artwork. For those who use their tattoos as a roadmap of events in their life having a tattoo dedicated their child is a no-brainer. The question is often what to get. When a baby is born it can take a while before you see a distinct personality developing and it can be difficult to come up with something unique rather than generic until they’re a little older. Here’s a few ideas of what to get tattooed when you want to get something for your kids.


Many children today are called rainbow babies. The rainbow not only symbolizes Pride organizations but it’s also used to denote a child born after a loss or miscarriage. These children are considered extra special because they survived and brought joy at a time that would otherwise have been melancholy. A rainbow tattoo could be colors or it could be the symbol of a rainbow.


While this is a pretty generic one it’s fairly common to put the child’s name, perhaps with some other artwork or on its own. Since names can be just about any font or size this is perfect for the parent who either doesn’t have a lot of space or who only wants something small and discreet.
If you want to be a little obtuse you could also get the meaning of their name instead. For example, Deborah means “bee” in Hebrew so you could get a bee tattooed instead of the name or a helmet for William since the name comes from the Germanic “willahelm” meaning armor protection or helmet.


Portraits are the ideal reminder of when your little one was little. Children grow amazingly fast but your portrait will forever immortalize them as your baby. Make sure to choose a talented artist for this one as portraits are difficult and usually not cheap. Portraits can be color or black but you want to bring the artist a good picture that’s at least an 8×10 size so they can see all the details.

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Birth Flowers/Stones etc

Every month has dedicated flowers, stones etc. Depending on when your child was born in the year this is a more unusual and less obvious choice than simply having their name or portrait, it’s also an option for those who want to stay small. There’s a lot of debate about the authenticity and whose stone is right etc so make the decision yourself on which one you want to follow.


If your kids are a little bigger having their artwork on you can be the ideal personal tattoo. It’s unique because no one else will have it and it will always remind you of them. You can ask them to draw something specific or use one of your favorite drawings of theirs. Kids make art all the time, even if it’s just some splodgy hand prints they’re often how your kid expresses love and are deeply personal.

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