Artist Spotlight: Emily Rose Murray

Emily Rose Murray Tattoo

Known for her stunning feminine women this Australian artist has mastered the juxtaposition of Art Nouveau and Neo Traditional Tattooing. Her art is strongly influenced by the post-impressionist movement which itself took a lot of inspiration from traditional Japanese tattooing. Much of her work is reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha, considered the first graphic designer. She considers herself to be a wife and “mummy” above all.

Early Career

Emily started tattooing in 2007 with a traditional shop apprenticeship. It only took her 5 years before she was already booked out a year ahead and decided to leave the tattoo parlor life behind for a private studio. She has always been artistic and most of her drawings take anywhere from 40minutes to 2 hours to complete. Her decision not to travel from 2012 was based primarily on her desire to put her son and family first so there’s a lot of anticipation that she may start traveling soon. While now she focuses on work in her own style portraiture has always been a passion for her, and many of her earlier portraits still have a combination of neo traditional elements involved.
It’s easy to see a clear path from her early work, much of which was dark, simple, and strongly linked to old school themes while today her tattoo designs are quintessentially feminine in nature.


Much of her inspiration came from fine art rather than tattoo artists. While her early career was spent focusing on getting tattoos into the skin properly it didn’t take long for her to excel and her own designs to become popular enough that she could specialize. Her inspiration includes Mucha, Lus Lips, Eckel, Becca Jayne Doe, Uncle Allen and most renaissance artists.

Current Art

Murray is based in Melbourne Australia and owns a private studio where she can specialize in mythical maidens, mermaids, and gypsies. Unlike most other top name artists she doesn’t travel and you can’t just “walk in” to her studio, she takes less than 5 appointments a week! She’s one of the most private artists out there with very little shared about her career or private life. Much of her art is black and gray, though you’ll see some muted color peeking in there occasionally. Her flowing lines and ornamental details set her apart from the average Neo Traditional artist simply because they’re much less likely to form traditional items and scenes and focus primarily on women. Her art has evolved significantly so her designs are smoother and much more flowy than originally.

She takes less than 5 appointments a week!


Her artwork occasionally makes it onto limited prints, leggings, and shirts and she has an 80 page sketchbook published but doesn’t get much time for art outside of her clients. In fact she won’t even accept commissions anymore.

The only way to get hold of her is via email which is part of her appeal. Everyone loves a mystery and as an artist who is deeply private with her life Emily Rose Murray certainly has that as well as her amazing art.

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