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Popular Tattoos for Girls

Every artist has a list of tattoos they hate. The fads, the one that X superstar has, the one that 10 other girls will come in and ask for in the next 3 days. Some tattoos have become somewhat infamous for the type of girl who wears them, so much so that you can spot a “basic bitch” a mile away from some of her ink. Most of these designs are unimaginative, generic, and probably originated from Pinterest.

The Silhouette

There’s many silhouette tattoos that are unique and stunning. Little birds, dandelions, anchors, feathers and any mixture of the above aren’t. Most tattoos that fall into this category usually have some “meaningful” phase attached in a simple script such as “I refuse to sink”, “Just keep swimming”, or something to do with freedom. They’re very overdone and will probably be cover ups in 10 years when the teeny letters have blurred and the birds look like whales. Even if these aren’t done small they’re probably located somewhere that isn’t going to be visible for work like the ribs, wrist, or shoulder.

The Infinity with X

Infinity symbols alone have been around forever, the difference is that in the last 6 years suddenly every girl has one with either the word Love, Family, their mom/sister/child’s name, or a heart/star/feather/anchor etc. entwined in it (See above). These are intended on being meaningful but instead have ended up being something that ¼ girls between the ages of 19-23 probably have.


Stars are for the “grown up” bitch. This is the girl that was a basic bitch 5-10 years ago and is probably now a mom with a couple of kids. Stars were huge years ago just like the infinity is now and every girl wanted stars with some sort of swirl behind it. In fact, if they went to a shop and picked an off the wall design it’s very likely they’re sharing that tattoo with thousands of other girls (you know the one, it’s a yellow/orange star with a few black lines above it and some smaller pink/blue stars around it).

Paw Prints

Every girl has her favorite pet, and sadly one day those pets will cross the rainbow bridge. Inevitably they will get a paw print, possibly paired with a heart, the pet’s name, or just the print on it’s own on their ankle or wrist to show just how much they miss little fluffy. If they’re really basic there’s probably two or three prints matching it.

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If you’re living in the south you probably know at least one basic bitch who has “native American” ancestors because they’re 1/3414372947th Cherokee. Whether it’s true or not the best way to celebrate their heritage is with a dreamcatcher tattoo, or just a feather with beads. These are often the biggest tattoo the girl has simply because the design requires it. Not only that but it’s likely there’s flowers, feathers, beads, and some sort of swirly design to the feathers and strings.

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