Top Five Designs for Sister Tattoos: Puzzle Pieces, Celtic Knots and More!

Sister Tattoo Ideas

For many, their sister is their best friend and the person who has been there from day one. Being able to express your sisterhood in your ink can be a beautiful way to remind yourself of their support when you’re apart.  “Name” tattoos can work, but don’t you want something that really expresses how much they mean to you? Here are just some designs for sister tattoos that you can get together, from matching artwork or designs that connect.

Puzzle Pieces Sister Tattoos

Puzzle pieces can connect into a whole artwork, but also work while you’re alone. But until you are together the entire puzzle is incomplete. This is a lovely way of feeling part of something while still being reminded that you are an individual “piece”. Another reason puzzle pieces are a great sister tattoo is that you can put any design onto the piece and it can be any size – so even if one sister only wants a tiny tattoo your puzzle can still come together.These are also great if you have brothers as they aren’t too “girly” that they can work for anyone.

These are also great if you have brothers as they aren’t too “girly” that they can work for anyone.

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Celtic Knotwork

The celts have many knot designs that emphasize family and love. For three sisters a triquetra (like in the series Charmed) can be the perfect design to show how they connect with each other. The symbol itself also has a lot of meaning and power.

Infinity Symbols

While this is another cliché design to get these days, it’s a simple and minimalist way to express your sisterhood clearly and plainly. While it’s not the most imaginative, if you’re the sort of girl who wants minimalist, boho, or simply “cute” designs this might be the best choice. You can also jazz it up with some watercolor.

Two Parts

If there’s only two of you then an ideal tattoo is to get two halves that make a whole. For example, a yin yang. These are similar to the puzzle pieces but less likely to be confused with autism tattoos – strawberries and cream, fish and chips, sun and moon, etc.


The best sister design is something that reminds you of your sibling. If you have memories of playing in the kitchen with wooden spoons, or you’ve always called each other peanut butter and jelly, these translate perfectly to tattoo designs. The best sister tattoos remind you of the other person and often hold meaning only for the two of you. For example, if you have a nickname for each other it would be easy to get that tattooed rather than their first name. Or, if there’s something specific that always reminds you of them, like that time you fell and they gave you a lollipop, and now they always have lollipops in their bag for their kids.

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Sister tattoos don’t have to be specific. In fact, you could simply just go get tattooed together and have it as a memorable experience of your lives together instead. Whatever you choose, you’ll know it’ll remind you of them for the rest of your life. Do you have a sister tattoo? Let us know what it is!

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