Bulldog Tattoo Designs

Bulldog Tattoo Designs

A bulldog tattoo is an interesting tattoo design because bulldogs are one of the ugliest and yet cutest dogs. A bulldog is a very popular dog and the reason why some people would want to have their dog tattooed on their body is for memory sake. These dogs do not live very long lives and during their time here, their owners fall in love with them and miss them when they leave. There are many bulldog tattoos you can choose from, or better yet, just bring a picture of your bulldog and your tattoo artist should be able to mimic the picture to create your very own bulldog tattoo.

It is best to find a picture of your bulldog in a stance that you would want to have tattooed on your body. If your bulldog does something unique or funny you can try to capture a picture of it and use that as your example to show your tattoo artist. Having the dog sit with his paws up, begging or laying down playing with a toy are other ways you can have your bulldog tattooed on your body.

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A lot people who get bulldog tattoos tend to place them on their shoulders or upper back. Some opt to have just the head of the bulldog, rather than the entire body of the bulldog tattooed on the body.

Dog lovers everywhere are starting to get their pets tattooed on their bodies. This is no different for bulldogs as people want to remember the animal. Some people even classify their bulldogs or pets are a part of their family. When you decide to get your bulldog tattoo, be sure to bring the best picture you can to your tattoo artist so they know exactly what you want.

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