Popular Tattoo Removals to Avoid NOW!

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Tattoo removal is booming. The industry is worth billions and growing annually. We love getting tattooed, but it seems we also like making mistakes in our choices. Whether it’s just a reminder of times past, or the tattoo itself came out looking poor having a tattoo removed is painful and expensive. Before getting tattooed, check our list of popular tattoo removals to avoid first or you could pay the price later!


It seems like almost everyone (tattoo artists included) has thought of getting a name tattooed on them at some point. Whether this was an ex, a relative, or even a celebrity names are probably the number one tattoo that is going to get removed. These aren’t creative, and they’re often a quick, poorly thought out choice to someone who may not be around as long as the tattoo. In fact, there are stories of people getting dumped while getting names tattooed! If the name is the only thing you can think of when you are reminded of that person chances are you don’t know them well enough to get that tattooed.

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Infinity Signs

These are the bane of most artists’ existence. They’ve been a fad for a couple of years now and while you’re probably not rushing to remove it yet, 20 years down the line it’s going to either be a blurry mess or so cliché that you’re ashamed to be seen with it. Many infinity signs have names or dates added and they’re just too small to last. Over time it’s going to be ugly, and if you don’t love it forever why get it tattooed in the first place?

Band Logos

You might think that you’re a diehard fan now. But chances are you’re not going to remember them in 10 years time. Many musicians never reach iconic status. Even then, you might just have been going through a phase. While you’re probably safe with iconic musicians like James Brown or Billie Holliday, just think of all those people who got a BSB or East17 tattoo back in the 90s.


Yet another fad that has lasted longer than it should. Many of these Japanese characters are fake or mean something totally different. You may have thought you were walking around with Love written on you. After you find out it means Dirty Kitchen you might change your mind. Triple and quadruple checking is advised when getting Kanji or other foreign letters, otherwise, you might be left with an embarrassment.


You might think the tattoo is hilarious now. Chances are that the joke will still be there when it stops being funny. Many fads or pop references will die off swiftly, but your tattoo remains forever. Think about those who got “the dress”, “cash me outside”, and other one hit wonders on them. Would they still like their tattoos?

What other tattoos do you think enthusiasts will regret later? Let us know!

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