We'll Spend 3.5 Billion on Tattoo Removals by 2022! But why?

Tattoo Removal

While the popularity of the tattoo industry is growing the tattoo removal industry is skyrocketing. People are getting more tattoos and apparently more regrettable ones. Buyer remorse for what is considered a permanent decision is a lot more painful than simply returning an Apple watch. Even if it’s only a partial removal, it seems we want our ink gone.

We’ll Spend 3.5 Billion on Tattoo Removals by 2022!

A recent study forecasted that the worth of the tattoo removal industry is expected to top $3.5 billion by 2022. While this number includes creams, surgery, and every form of removal laser. Laser removal certainly has held the largest share for the past few years according to the same research company, and the revenue from tattoo removal has increased by $75.5 million just in the past decade and is expected to increase by an additional $8 million or more this year. If you consider that the average clinic removes at least 200-300 a month. At a minimum cost, these can be $500! It’s understandable how this figure keeps skyrocketing.

By far North America has the highest numbers for tattoo removal, though the fact that it’s also leading the tattoo revolution may be to blame. It’s predicted that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Asia is not too far behind and is the fastest growing region for tattoo removal so it may overtake the US in a few years.

Why Not Cover Them Instead?

Tattoo cover ups have come a long way in the past few years as well, the understanding of how a cover up works has changed from just slapping another tattoo on top. And while coverups are usually not cheap, they’re still cheaper than most removal procedures.
There are many reasons why people would rather the ink be entirely gone.

Just a quick YouTube search for home tattoo removal will have you plenty of stories of ex’s names and events that people want scrubbed from their lives. For the majority of people these tattoos were a bad decision or a reminder of one, and simply covering up the mistake would not expunge it from their lives. Another common reason is work, decisions made early in life that have since become a hurdle to employment or a reason they’re passed over can be a huge motivator. While the job industry is becoming more tolerant of tattoos in the workplace it’s not carte blanche yet.

The only way to make a tattoo disappear is removal, and if you want bare skin again that process is almost as painful as the original tattoo.

As far back as history can remember humans have made stupid decisions, and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon. With the advent of disappearing tattoo ink there may be fewer such mistakes but it’s unlikely to become widespread anytime soon. Tattoo removal is not only here to stay it’s getting more and more prevalent. It’s no wonder that studies are supporting this.

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